Victorian style meets modern design at The Pinch hotel in Charleston


Victoriana is measured by mid-century modernism in Charleston’s newest hotel, The Pinch, which commandeers a pair of 179-year-old buildings in the historic district.

Heavy patterned wallpaper and aspidistras are a backdrop for plush mid-century sofas, modernist furniture, and bamboo drinks carts at The Pinch, which cheerfully mixes its influences. The historic touch nods to the two Victorian-style buildings that the hotel has taken over and renovated, giving the interiors a sense of grandeur.

New York architect Morris Adjmi worked with hotel company Method Co to complete the 25-room hotel, located on the city’s George Street. Rooms are wallpapered in busy, eye-catching patterns, highlighted by hardwood floors and plain white walls. And, of course, there are plenty of indoor plants as a nod to Victorian plant fever.

Guests looking for an extended stay can book a one- or two-bedroom apartment suite, which includes a full kitchen and comes ready with groceries. Regular rooms start at $395 per night.

Two new restaurants are set to open this summer as part of The Pinch’s launch – an oyster and cocktail bar alongside a space for cooking soul food and French cuisine.

36 George St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

Photography: Christian Harder

Photography: Christian Harder

Photography: Daniel Olsovsky

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