Top 10 Anime Characters With Face Marks, Ranked


Whether it’s tattoos, birthmarks, or other mysterious sigils, many anime characters have facial marks. Sometimes these marks are an important part of a character’s lore. Other times, it’s just an interesting design choice on the mangaka’s part. Either way, facial markings can be a pretty cool aesthetic addition to any character.

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Unlike piercings or scars, facial markings tend to be complex. Sometimes they can even tell a story in themselves. In the anime, the facial markings are diverse and none of them are identical. Everyone can agree that these marks add depth and intrigue to any character.

ten Bisco Akaboshi has a red tattoo under his right eye (Rust-Eater Bisco)

Bisco Akaboshi’s Rust Eater Bisco has a pretty intriguing overall design. It has a rustic and avant-garde style and predominantly sports technical clothing. Her signature accessory is a pair of cracked glasses that are always on her head. Bisco has crimson red hair that stands out in any crowd to complement her emerald green eyes.

Her design is already quite eye-catching, but the red tattoo under her eye really brings her whole look together. This is a simplistic line tattoo. It’s unclear what it actually is or if it means anything, but it definitely adds to its overall aesthetic.

9 Jellal has a tattoo that goes above and below his eye (Fairy Tail)

Believe it or not, Jellal actually had such an intricate tattoo on his face since he was a kid. It is tall, taking up half of her face. Her red ink is a nice complement against her bright blue hair.

Some fans claim it to be a birthmark, while others believe it to be a meaningless tattoo. There’s certainly no shortage of interesting headcannons and fan theories on how Jellal got that mark. Hopefully fans will learn more about its origins in time Fairy Tail: 100 Years of Quest.

8 Toge Inumaki has the seal of her clan on her face (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Unless he uses his cursed speech, Toge always keeps his mouth covered. In Jujutsu Kaisen 0, he covered it with a turtleneck. However, now he just covers it with his school uniform.

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When using his cursed technique, Toge lowers his face mask and reveals the Snake and Fangs sigil on his cheeks and tongue. This is the seal of the Inumaki clan. This allows Toga to embed cursed energy into certain words he speaks with cursed energy. For someone to use cursed speech, they need something with the sigil on it – hence why Toge has the mark on her face.

7 Ulquiorra has two lines coming down from his eyes (Bleach)

Ulquiorra of Bleach looks quite monochromatic and dark. While most of her aesthetic is purely black and white, her eyes and facial markings add a nice splash of color to her aesthetic. He’s one of the most melancholic Arrancars in the series, so it makes sense that his appearance reflects his personality.

His skin is pale white, but his facial markings add life to his complexion. The two lines that descend from Ulquiorra’s eyes are the same color as his eyes – a rich green that really stands out from the rest of his otherwise colorless palette.

6 Caesar’s birthmarks are on his face (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is known for his detailed character designs. Each character has a prominent motif or style that becomes synonymous with their identity in the story. In the case of Fight Tendency Caesar A. Zepelli, his most notable physical qualities are the birthmarks on both of his cheeks.

He has a triangular purple birthmark on each cheek. They are placed just below his eyes. At first, the face wondered if it was makeup or a tattoo. However, these birthmarks have become one of Caesar’s most recognizable features.

5 Gaara has his motto tattooed on his forehead (Naruto)

One of the best quotes from Gaara in naruto was when he said his goal was to love himself and fight only for himself. Therefore, his motto is “self-love”. He holds this motto so much that he used his sand to tattoo the word “love” on his forehead.

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While not all tattoos have to be super meaningful, Gaara has quite the story behind it. He was ostracized and feared by everyone in his village for having the one-tailed Shukaku in him. Others considered him a monster or a demon. Thus, Gaara learned that he only had himself, so the tattoo is a constant reminder that he is a “demon” who only loves himself.

4 Tanjiro’s scar turned into his Demon Slayer mark

Besides his plaid kimono and hanafuda earrings, one of Tanjiro’s most distinctive attributes was the scar on the top of his forehead. At first, it looked like the average scar he might have had from being reckless while playing as a kid. However, certain events lead fans to believe that it wasn’t even a scar to begin with.

After his fight with the Hand Demon, he changed shape and looked like a small flame – his Demon Slayer Mark began to take shape. Eventually, it transformed into a large flame-like pattern after the Hashira training arc.

3 Sesshomaru’s facial markings are aesthetic (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha is home to many beautifully designed characters with intricate patterns and memorable fashion styles. One of the most aesthetically pleasing characters is Sesshomaru, Inuyasha’s half-brother.

His facial markings are simple yet aesthetically pleasing. They would be easy enough to replicate for cosplay. He has a purple crescent moon on his forehead and two magenta stripes on either side of his face. He also has a magenta stripe on each eyelid. These marks only appear in his human form, but they are remnants of his Yokai form.

2 Sukuna is covered with intricate marks (Jujutsu Kaisen)

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna’s soul currently resides in Yuji Itadori’s body. When he regains consciousness of his ship, there are several noticeable changes. On the one hand, the switch causes Yuji’s hair to rise, and he suddenly has four open eyes on his face. Her fingernails even turn black from the change. However, the most distinct difference is that he manifests intricate markings all over his body.

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It’s unclear what Sukuna’s markings mean, but there’s no shortage of fan theories and speculation about their origins. When Sukuna takes control of Yuji’s body, thick black lines in rigid patterns appear on his face. They come out from under his lips and back up under his first pair of eyes. There is also a black line on Sukuna’s nose, with an interesting pattern in the middle of his forehead.

1 The marks on Naruto’s face are subtle, but it’s hard to imagine him without them

One of Naruto’s characteristics is the three mustaches on both of his cheeks. Naruto got them before he even left the womb because the nine-tailed fox was always inside of him, even before he was born.

These facial markings aren’t as flashy or intricate as some others, but it’s hard to imagine Naruto without his trademark whiskers. His children even inherited those mustaches, and they don’t have a Jinchuriki sealed inside of them. The only difference is that Boruto and Himawari only have two on each cheek, instead of three.

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