This non-traditional A-frame style cabin mixes classic and modern design elements for a new, inspired look!


Pisqal is a concept small two-level residence imagined on the beach and inspired by the traditional A-frame cabin, housing a myriad of classic and contemporary design elements that give Pisqal its distinct and alternative look.

Usually with A-frame cabs what you see is what you get. From the outside, the general floor plan of an A-frame cabin can be understood with few surprises. There is a comfortable appeal in the familiarity and simplicity of A-frame cabins. Borrowing the traditional shape and charming feel of the A-frame cabin, architects Yaser Rashid Shomali and Yasin Rashid Shomali of Shomali Design Studio conceptualized an inventive A-frame cabin called Pisqal which incorporates abstract structural elements, giving the traditional cabin a contemporary touch.

Spread evenly between two floors, Pisqal comprises around 70 square meters, forming a cubic frame that serves as the backdrop to the cabin’s A-style eaves. Pisqal designers chose a cubic frame to border the cabin’s A-style eaves to create more interior space. Inside the cabin, the designers at Shomali gave the house an open-plan layout, with the living areas being contained on the first floor and the master bedroom taking up the entire top floor. With such an open-air layout, original design elements were incorporated such as a ladder which replaced a traditional staircase, bringing residents from the ground floor of the cabin to its mezzanine bedroom.

Imagined on a beach, even the location of Pisqal challenges the A-frame cabin and brings it in a new light. Following the feeling of openness throughout the home, Shomali Design Studio has crisscrossed each room with floor-to-ceiling picture windows that bring guests closer to the exterior sea view. Interior design elements such as curtains White linen and unfinished wood walls also help brighten up every room, collecting puddles of natural light that pour in through the glass windows.

Designer: Shomali Design Studio

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