The shocking state of sterile, ‘carpetless’ bedroom of five-year-old girl as mother from Leeds felt ‘a failure’


A little girl from Leeds remained smiling “from ear to ear” following a dramatic makeover to her bedroom.

Zarach, a charity that helps families and those living in poverty, shared a photo of the youngster’s bare bedroom with no rugs or bedding earlier this month.

A GoFundMe campaign also revealed the devastating story of what the family was going through, including that the mother, who ran away from an abusive relationship, felt like a failure and that she was “going to get one of those payday loans at high interest in a carpet “.

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The charity quickly intervened to help the family and her room is now “safe, warm and beautiful”.

Writing on Facebook, they said: “Three weeks ago, I shared a photo of a little girl’s bedroom that had no rugs, bedding or curtains. Now, thanks to your generosity, her bedroom is safe, warm and BEAUTIFUL.

“We put curtains and put up a rug, mom worked her household magic to do the rest. Smile from ear to ear as a cute little girl loves her new room.

The room is now “safe” and “beautiful,” the charity said.

“This mom made the difficult decision to run away from an abusive relationship and start rebuilding her life in a new place, from scratch. She couldn’t be more grateful for the support she received.”

Sharing the heartbreaking fundraising campaign, they wrote, “This week from a five-year-old girl’s bedroom with no carpet. Mom also ran away from domestic violence 9 months ago and told us that she was going to get one of those high interest payday loans for a carpet because she feels like a mother’s failure and that debt is a better option than facing a winter without a rug for her daughter. “

The association raises funds every week for mothers who have fled domestic violence and need to start over.

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They are currently helping a struggling mother who is undergoing cancer treatment and another who has a permanently leaking roof on her property that has ruined her house but cannot afford repairs.

The photo of the girl’s bedroom has been shared on Facebook and has been shared nearly 200 times, as of October 26.

One commented, “Wow – what an amazing transformation! May God continue to bless this little girl and may this room always be filled with the presence of Jesus. Love what you are doing Zarach – God bless you all and all the generous supporters. “

Another wrote: “Every time I see these posts I get so angry that people might end up in this position in the first place. The work you do is wonderful.”

You can donate for Zarach rugs, here.


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