The modern way to do rustic design


These days, decorating your home with a country feel doesn’t just mean a cabin vibe in the woods or an explosion of floral prints.

Instead, take inspiration from the outdoors by bringing it inside unexpectedly or by juxtaposing harder materials with earthy patterns.

To give your space an intimate avant-garde touch, follow the advice of design professionals.

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Be surprising

“Look for opportunities to increase your connection with nature and the outdoors through larger windows, glass doors, skylights and more. In the choice of materials, make reference to nature in a contemporary but unexpected way. ideal.

“The interior should be clean and not dark. Warm, saturated tones create a warmer feel, while cool gray tones give a more Nordic feel. Draw colors from the surroundings, such as grass green and sky blue from the landscape. a mixture of saturated and clear colors that play with the light and the way we move around the house.

“Modern lighting for tasks, plumbing fixtures, doors and hardware all need to be carefully considered. Keep spare accessories to evoke a Zen-like experience.

“Mixing eras and styles of furniture will prevent a house from looking like a cliché cabin in the woods. Go for comfy and deep sofas, rich full curtains with blackout lining, plenty of table and floor lamps, easy large coffee tables made of earth materials. like stone, wood and bronze. Swedish antiques and vintage Brazilian finds always make strong statements in these settings.

“For wall coverings, felted upholstery on bedroom walls, simple wallpapers like the Strie collection from Farrow and Ball, thick plush rugs and carpets (both vintage and new) and Thick open grain wood floors enhance the look.

—Fawn Galli of Fawn Galli Interiors, based in New York

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Go natural

“The goal here is to maintain the natural elements in conjunction with symmetry and clean lines. Materials, like wood and stone, should reflect the natural elements. Put a more rustic setting on a modern work of art or a mirror, add round and softer elements to balance them out, go for a wooden floor topped with a fabulous contemporary rug – overdyed, Moroccan, cowhide, etc. I also love a large stone fireplace.

Furnishing ideas include a dining table paired with modern chairs or modern fabric with a pop of color on a more traditional side chair.

“My color palette leans toward earth tones with occasional splashes of something shiny to catch your eye. For walls, go for wallpaper that looks a lot like wood or use neutral paint colors.”

A paneled house designed by Kimba Hills looks more modern thanks to a tiled fireplace, clean-lined furniture, and contemporary sculpture.

Lee manning

– Kimba Hills, designer based in Santa Monica, owner of Rumba vintage furniture store and gallery

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Create contrasts

“In a clean environment, rustic elements attract more attention and often take on a more artistic and sophisticated feel than they would in a completely rustic interior.

“For me, chandeliers are very important. I like, for example, to use rustic elements to create chandeliers; they acquire a very dynamic sensation when they are associated with elements that illuminate them.

“I love to reuse and reuse old wood for floors and walls. There is an authenticity in the material that can only be achieved through actual use.

“Walls using rustic materials are works of art in themselves. I tend to encourage my clients to refrain from hanging artwork above these walls as they end up harming each other. each other.”

Metro tiling and glossy finishes lend a contemporary touch to a barn designed by Phillip Thomas.

Aydin Arjomand

—Phillip Thomas, Founder and Director of Phillip Thomas Inc. in New York City

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Combine styles

“You can create a rustic feel in a modern room by using wooden elements, such as reclaimed wood beams and stone, keeping all the natural finishes and selecting a palette that complements the natural materials.

“Juxtapose natural finishes with sleek architectural details: broad-plank rift oak floors in a satin finish paired with white walls, for example. Materials such as paneled walls, fieldstones, black iron, brick, or a blackened wood finish (there is a charring process that gives the wood its age and character with a modern aesthetic) on a ceiling or paneled walls, creating an unexpected punch.

“Some of our favorite furniture types for this look are living-edged dining tables and petrified wood pieces with textured fabric over the upholstery.”

– Cristina Peffer from Babcock Peffer interior design firm in Southampton, New York

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