The modern design aesthetic that makes Palm Springs so unique


It has several names: The Alexander Estate, The House of Tomorrow, Elvis’ Honeymoon Hideaway. But no one knows exactly who designed the perfect three-level spiral circles on the 1350 Ladera Circle. All that is known is that it was built in 1960 for one of the city’s most prolific developers, Robert Alexander, as a 5,000 square foot family home. desert citrus in the backyard.

The national press also took note. Watch Magazine presented their unique house, with its art deco interiors and endless living room rug in a 1962 display. But in 1965, the whole family died in a tragic plane crash, leaving the estate behind. After making appearances in a few movies, the house was eventually rented out to prominent tenants, Elvis Presley and his then-girlfriend, Priscilla, in 1966. Nine months later, Elvis and Priscilla surrendered. secretly in Las Vegas for the wedding day, immediately. returning to Palm Springs to christen their post-wedding carpet on Honeymoon refuge.

INSIDER ADVICEDaily tours are offered at 1:00 PM and 3:30 PM. Advance reservation is appreciated during the Palm Springs winter season and Modernism Week in early February.


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