Sid’s Garage in Phoenix serves unique and tasty burgers and shakes


PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Sid’s Garage, an Idaho-based burger restaurant, made its Arizona debut at Desert Ridge Marketplace in Phoenix, and it’s definitely establishing itself as a foodie destination for those craving mouth-watering burgers, gargantuan shakes, and very creative appetizers and side dishes. Phoenix is ​​the restaurant’s third location, which is well known in the communities of Boise and Meridian. When I first reported the official opening of Sid’s Garage on May 15, I was immediately drawn to the enticing and colorful shakes and burgers. After reading rave reviews of Idahoans online, I had to stop by to check out a burger for myself, and sure enough, Sid’s Garage is a Burger Series destination!

Burgers at Sid’s Garage in Phoenix, Arizona.(Courtesy of Sid’s Garage)

Many burgers consist of interesting ingredient combinations and pairings that work really well. These burgers don’t mess around when it comes to flavor, creativity, or visual appeal. For example, the Boss Hog Burger consists of a half pound Snake River Farm Wagyu and Black Angus beef patty, pork belly roasted for 48 hours, onion rings and gravy. Handcrafted Sriracha Bourbon. One of the restaurant’s popular burgers is the Godzilla burger. This burger contains three patties, candied bacon, a fried egg, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce and a raspberry and cayenne jam. Good luck taking down this beast! There’s also Nashville Hot Chicken, Not So Whimpie, Jekyll & Hyde, and Maui Wowie burgers, to name a few.

The atmosphere

Wandering around Desert Ridge Marketplace, I found Sid’s Garage on the east side of the open concept mall near the AMC movie theater. Sid’s Garage had a welcoming entrance and friendly staff. I soon noticed that whenever someone or a group of people left, most of the staff went out of their way to thank them for their visit, no matter where they were in the restaurant at the time. The interior is seriously cool, bringing Sid’s Garage’s motto of “leave boring at the door” to life. Sid’s Garage has an industrial, retro garage vibe and features fun arcade games, plus an upstairs patio and dining area.

The interior of Sid's garage at Desert Ridge Marketplace in North Phoenix.
The interior of Sid’s garage at Desert Ridge Marketplace in North Phoenix.(Jeff Popovitch)

The food

Sid’s Garage’s menu is well stocked in the appetizer/sides and burger department. One thing I noticed while browsing the menu was the interesting ingredient combinations in some dishes (as well as the shakes). Nosh sections (appetizers) include Flash-Friend Deviled Eggs, Bavarian Pretzel Bites, Bacon and Eggs, Signature Macaroni and Cheese, Jalapeño Candied Bacon, Crispy Tots, Tempura Green Bears, and Loco Fries . What makes some of these dishes so unique are the ingredients and the way they come together nicely and surprisingly well.

Candied Bacon, Flash-Fried Deviled Eggs, Maui Wowie Burger and Nashville Hot Chicken.
Candied Bacon, Flash-Fried Deviled Eggs, Maui Wowie Burger and Nashville Hot Chicken.(Courtesy of Sid’s Garage)

For example, Flash-Fried Deviled Eggs are hoop earrings filled with candied bacon and a chipotle mustard dip. This puts a zesty twist on the classic savory snack of appetizers. One of the signature sides, Bacon & Eggs, includes four thick pieces of candied bacon (see above minus the burgers), with two fried eggs, served with a mustard sauce and a sriracha-bourbon and honey sauce. And where are my Mac & Cheese fans?! Sid’s other signature side features a cheese punch with four-cheese sauce, grilled truffle breadcrumbs (yum), and candied jalapeño bacon bits. This accented side is your cheesy classic, with some sweet and savory additions.

I checked out the Crispy Tots and the Jekyll & Hyde burger. As an avid lifelong consumer of shreds, these toddlers are on point. The toddlers themselves had a great crisp, with a still soft potato interior. The honest selling point here, however, is the sauces. The beer cheese is thick and creamy and pairs beautifully with Sid’s Garage’s secret sauce. Stir it in and there’s more than enough gravy mix to cover every inch of tot, with flavorful chunks of well-seasoned pork belly sprinkled in it that’s been slow roasted for 48 hours. And if you’re feeling fiery, you can add a fried egg for an extra $2 and get the boost of a little seasoning.

There were so many fascinating combinations, but I ended up going with the Jekyll & Hyde burger because of the interesting combinations of ingredients. To start, this burger features white cheddar, grilled peaches, stone ground mustard, bacon and onion jam, and mixed greens. The white cheddar melts well on the succulent, well-seasoned galette. The aromatic profile is engaging between grilled peach and mustard. I’ve always been a fan of ground mustard, and Sid’s Garage has a very fresh and tangy version, which certainly provides that expected lingering bite. This tangy mustard complements the added sweetness of grilled peaches. Broiling intensifies the natural sugars in peaches, softening the texture and imparting a sweet, caramelized flavor. This juicy, divine burger goes above and beyond, completing the meal. If this burger isn’t for you, from what I’ve seen Idahoans often seem to suggest the Nashville Hot Chicken, Not So Whimpie, Boss Hog, and Godzilla!

The Crispy Tots and Jekyll & Hyde burger at Sid's Garage in Phoenix, Arizona.
The Crispy Tots and Jekyll & Hyde burger at Sid’s Garage in Phoenix, Arizona.(Jeff Popovitch)

The tremors

As you’ll see below, these colorful concoctions are definitely a sweet treat that could easily satisfy any sweet tooth. Sid’s Garage shakes cover a pretty sweet range, often adding things like slices of cake, ice cream, popsicles, or ice cream bars. Sid’s Garage serves shakes like Death By Chocolate, Sweet Baby Jesus (a Talledega Nights reference), Midnight Munchies, Fat Elvis and Southern Belle.

Shake examples at Sid's Garage in Phoenix, Arizona.
Shake examples at Sid’s Garage in Phoenix, Arizona.(Courtesy of Sid’s Garage, Jeff Popovich)

For those who may not frequent North Phoenix or Desert Ridge Marketplace, if you happen to find yourself in the area and dealing with a case of stomach rumbling, consider this burger bargain! Juicy and creative burgers, delicious and hearty sides and eye-catching sweet shakes, Sid’s Garage is a welcome and fun change of pace for the restaurant and burger scene.

This is the fifth segment in a series about burgers in the Phoenix subway. Arizona’s Family Foodie is rolling out to some of the Valley’s beloved local eateries and eateries to discover some seriously stacked patties and two-handed beasts. Whether it’s a local staple or something new that pushes the envelope with one of America’s most beloved foods, let’s roll up our sleeves and enjoy some juicy burgers!


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