Retailer Casa Decor sells customizable furniture with Hill Country charm


Specializing in handmade rustic furniture and accessories, Casa Decor is approaching its one year anniversary of opening its second location in New Braunfels.

Casa Decor was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1989. Since then, the store has expanded to multiple locations, including El Paso and two stores in New Braunfels. Its second store, located at 651 I-35 Business Loop, Ste. 840, opened in August 2021.

“We pretty much got out of the first store here, and then we just decided to find a bigger store,” said Casa Decor general manager Robbert Van Gelderen.

Van Gelderen explained that Casa Decor’s manufacturing site is based in El Paso and that’s where the store receives its custom furniture. He said bespoke furniture is made from their own inputs and designs. The store works with carpenters who can achieve Casa Decor’s distinctive rustic look by overseeing the type of wood used, carving techniques, and by respecting the environment by reusing and repurposing old furniture.

“We have a carpentry workshop that does the carving; we have a carpentry shop built from mesquite,” Van Gelderen said. “Then we have several that use old building materials, so old doors and stuff like that. Everything is brought to El Paso and then we pick it up ourselves with our trailers or we have 18 wheelers that bring it to us here in New Braunfels. Van Gelderen describes the furniture sold at the store as “handmade furniture with touches.” Rustic being classic or normal furniture with rough touches, giving each item its personal and unique charm. The store also offers a variety furniture from Mexico.

“We have finer furniture that comes from, you know, Spanish and Mexican and even Texan colonial furniture styles that have evolved over the last two centuries,” Van Gelderen said. “So it’s a mixture; that’s why we call it either Texas Hill Country furniture or rustic furniture.

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Locations: 1) 651 S. I-35 Business Loop, Ste. 840 New Braunfels • 830-837-5777 • 2) 1671 N. I-35, Ste. 102 New Braunfels • 830-837-5648 •

Hours: daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.



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