Re-Thunk Junk Trail: “Some Great Finds If You Take Your Time” – American Press


KINDER – Bargain hunters, garage sale junkies, and treasure hunters were at Kinder Friday, one of the many towns participating in the 6th annual Re-Thunk Junk Trail.

The 60-plus mile trail is a combination of flea markets, yard sales, and farmers’ markets as vendors spread out across the parish to sell their wares. Some set up and sold their wares in tents, while others carefully displayed their items on outdoor tables and scattered them on the ground.

The trail continues from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and stretches from Reeves to Kinder, passing through Oberlin, Oakdale, Elizabeth and intermediate points.

“You can find great finds if you take your time,” said KT Martin of Sugartown, browsing collectibles, antiques, vintage items and more.

Martin was impressed with the variety of vendors and items for sale.

“We always come every year because I love to find a good deal,” said Janet Ardoin of Roanoke.

Stacey Duplechain of Oakdale was looking for fall items for her porch and rustic items for her husband’s “Man Cave”.

“I love looking at all the old stuff,” she said as something nearby caught his eye.

Pitkin’s “sister” Strother said her mother took her to garage sales when she was a child, so she grew up looking for bargains. Now she takes her granddaughters on trips.

“It is a passion that I received from my mother and I hope to pass it on to my granddaughters one day,” she said. “They are still too young, but they are learning.

Crowley’s Warren and Polly Guillot spent their 60th wedding anniversary looking for great finds.

“I made most of my house with things I bought at flea markets and yard sales,” Polly Guillot said. “When I’m fed up, I do it again and pass it on to my sister.”

Their daughter Christine Miller from Iota said the “junk” is a great way to exercise and meet people.

“It’s a way to get out and socialize and exercise,” she said. “And we find a lot of good deals.”

Vernona Bell of Kinder also enjoys meeting people along the trail.

“I just like shopping, meeting and visiting friends,” she said. “It’s much better than going to the funeral home to see them.”

Kathy Augustine, owner of the Antique Flea Marketplace in Kinder, is taking part in the Re-Thunk Junk Trail for the first time.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to go out, shop and talk to our dealers,” she said.

Over 40 stalls selling a variety of gifts, homemade decorations, sporting goods and more have been set up inside and outside the flea market, just off La. 383 in Kinder.

Claudia Campbell of Dry Creek is always on the lookout for items for her boutiques.

“I travel around Texas and Arkansas a lot looking for great deals, but it’s good because it’s local,” she said. “I’ll probably end up buying stuff for my granddaughter and myself.”

“I love finding treasures,” said Nikki Fontenot of LeBlanc. “A lot of people call it junk, but I call it treasures.”


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