Podcast Episode 275: Brooklyn’s Wild East Brett Taylor Runs a Brewery, Not a Museum


Brooklyn’s Wild East is a brewer Brewery. It’s the kind of place other local brewers go to for a beer when they’re not working. The lagers are exceptional, more characterful than just crisp, and their best-selling IPA is a West Coast-style iteration – a stark contrast to the hazy, juicy IPAs that make up the bulk of offerings from neighbors Other Half or Finback.

Co-founder and head brewer Brett Taylor has strong opinions about brewing lagers: decoction is not optional, water is very important, and the imperfection of the more “rustic” malt provides a tension that makes more interesting beers. In this episode, Taylor discusses these approaches to lager, as well as their techniques behind West Coast IPA and mixed-fermentation farmhouse-style ales. Along the way, it covers:

  • leaning into Czech-style lagers, in part because of the similarity in water between New York and Pilsen
  • design a brewery with decoction in mind
  • treat lagers gently at every stage of the process, to preserve the delicate flavors
  • use the same yeast in different ways in the lager program
  • brew misty west coast style IPAs with Conan yeast
  • modernizing west coast style IPA recipes
  • the challenges of scaling up farm brew cultures
  • optimization for light Brett character and sweeter acidity in the nourishing seasons
  • achieve juicy yet dry notes in everything from IPA to mixed culture beer

And more.

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