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Question: Ed: I’m replacing my kitchen counters, basement cabinets and sink. I began to admire the farmhouse style of kitchen sinks. But I’m not just looking for a pretty light fixture. Are there any practical benefits to installing farmhouse kitchen sinks?

Answer: Farmhouse or apron kitchen sinks are well known for their rustic beauty. But contemporary stainless steel apron kitchen sinks have also become popular. So there seems to be no design limit imposed on where farmhouse style kitchen sinks can be installed.

As you mentioned, farmhouse sinks look good and I might add that they have a few practical benefits.

First, due to the apron-front design, it’s easy to access the sink bowl area directly. This feature may allow for a more upright and comfortable working position.

Additionally, farmhouse sink bowls are usually a bit deeper than standard sinks. It’s good for soaking pots and pans.

Finally, the apron itself is great for controlling spills and wipes clean easily.

Conclusion: Farmhouse kitchen sinks can offer a bumper crop of practical benefits.

(Builder/Plumber Ed Del Grande is internationally known as the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call”, TV and Internet host, and a LEED Green Associate. Visit or write to [email protected] Always consult local contractors and codes.)

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