Modular furniture and tables from Maison & Objet on Dezeen Showroom


The French furniture and design fair Maison & Objet presented a selection of furniture on Dezeen Showroom, including a modular shelving unit that can be arranged in different models and wooden tables in walnut and reclaimed oak.

One of the furniture available through Maison & Objet was the Feve Desk, a walnut desk with an organic shape designed by Danish brand Ferm Living.

The Feve desk is made from FSC certified European walnut

The Feve Desk can be used as a desk or console and has elliptical legs with a curved desk.

The office’s name comes from the French word “fève” which means bean, which refers to its distinctive shape.

Frequency shelving which was presented at Maison & Objet
Fréquence is a modular shelf designed to be multifunctional

Also presented at the French furniture and design fair, a minimalist shelf composed of geometric modules named Fréquence, designed by Jean Couvreur for the furniture brand Kataba.

The aluminum modules can be arranged in different designs to suit the user’s needs. When combined, they can be assembled into a bookcase, display stand, or room divider.

Two Albert Kuip Coffee chairs presented at Maison & Objet
The Albert Kuip Coffee chair has a textured molded seat

Albert Kuip Coffee is a chair made from used coffee grounds, created by the Dutch furniture brand Zuiver.

The seat contains 42.5% coffee waste and the chair legs are made from wood that has been rejected from the production process of other chairs.

Bocuse table located outside which was presented to Maison & Objet
The Bocuse table can be used indoors or outdoors

Bocuse is a dining table in reclaimed wood and raw stainless steel, designed by Hugo Gaveau for the French furniture company Oakâme.

The rustic table uses oak beams salvaged from 19th and 20th century buildings across Eastern Europe. Users can identify the provenance of the oak beams by the license plate on each table.

A selection of Atal chairs
Atal stackable chairs are suitable for office environments

Crafted from a solid wood shell with metal tubing, the Atal Chair is a range of seating that includes a high stool, armchair and lounge chair, designed by Swedish design studio Form Us With Love for Alki Furniture.

The Atal chairs are stackable and are available in versions covered with fabric, leather or eco-leather.

Bay sofa in a living room decor presented at Maison & Objet
Bay Sofa’s elongated base can be used to stack books or lamps

Bay Sofa, designed by Omayra Maymó for interior brand Broste Copenhagen, is a deep seat sofa with a base that extends past the seat cushions to create a low shelf.

The sofa has rounded edges and, according to Maymó, was created “to convey an indoor-outdoor summer feeling by the sea”.

Two Leaf Lamp pendant lights presented at Maison & Objet
Dániel Máto wanted to capture the design of palm leaves in his light design

Influenced by the shape of the palm trees he encountered during his travels in Asia, designer Dániel Máto created a pendant lamp called Leaf Lamp.

Suitable for rooms with high ceilings, Leaf Lamp has an elongated shape that is intended to provide different visual experiences depending on the angle from which users view it.

A white Bunny chair in a domestic environment
The Bunny chair can be used in offices and residences

Bunny is a lounge chair designed by Inblum Architects for the furniture manufacturer Sedes Regia.

The chair is meant to be a playful and decorative addition to office spaces and has a backrest made up of two segments that resemble rabbit ears.

Two Armchair 02 chairs which were presented at Maison & Objet
The print shown on Armchair 02 was developed in-house by Babel Brune

Following on from the selection of decorative chairs presented at Maison & Objet, Armchair 02 is a pair of low chairs with a watercolor print designed by Babel Brune.

When the Armchair 02 chairs are displayed side by side, the print spreads over them and creates a complementary whole.

A Tangens chair with gray and pink textile seat cushions, presented at Maison & Objet
The Tangens office furniture collection includes upholstered chairs

Hungarian designer Sára Kele has created a collection of modular office furniture named Tangens, designed to bring an element of home comfort to contemporary workspaces.

The material palette used throughout the Tangens collection has been developed by Kele to help the user focus while being visually harmonious.

Atal chairs used at a dining table
The Atal chair was presented at the French furniture and design fair Maison & Objet

Maison & Objet is a furniture and design fair that takes place every two years in Paris, France.

It aims to detect emerging trends and presents a range of products including furniture, textiles, lighting and tableware.

Maison & Objet returns in January 2022.

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