Modernism and industrialism collide at GOHO in Singapore


Los Angeles design firm OWIU Studio has completed GOHO, a new 55-seat restaurant from Proper Concepts in Singapore. Chic and modern, the concept evokes a sleek industrial ethos, occupying the second floor of a curatorial store as well as an intimate mezzanine.

“We sought to reimagine the space of a 21st century Kaiseki restaurant and bar, moving away from the look and feel of the quintessential high-end Japanese restaurant,” says Joel Wong, director of OWIU and co-founder of Proper Concepts. “Instead of using typical wooden countertops and decor, we opted for a raw, desaturated and industrially modern material palette.”

Raw and patinated sheets punctuate the arrival experience, initiating a story carried by unique materials. A large installation adorns the dark ceilings with a reinterpretation of the GOHO logo that serves as a dramatic focal point above the 36-foot-long green marble bar, where guests can watch the chefs at work. The bar extends towards the end of the interior, where it transforms into a backlit alabaster cocktail station.

OWIU has also partnered with local carpentry firm Baremetalco to craft custom chairs that embody modernism and maximize comfort. Custom floor-to-ceiling shelving also contextualizes the double-volume space, showcasing an array of Japanese spirits and artifacts.

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