Livspace review: why choose Livspace for interiors?


Customers share their experiences with Livspace, while renovating their dream home.

For most homeowners, renovating a home is a valuable and significantly important investment. In fact, according to recent research, the majority of Indian homeowners have their home interior or remodeled once or twice in their lifetime. Therefore, this decision is made very carefully and usually after a lot of exhaustive research. Renovating your home means entrusting someone other than you to bring the house of your dreams to life! When it comes to combining the sourcing and delivery of the ultimate craftsmanship from design to execution, Livspace is the perfect choice. The company is renowned as the most trusted home improvement and interior brand in India, providing complete end-to-end solutions through its team of outstanding designers, reliable brand and service partners and project managers. well trained. The brand showcases its innovation and ingenuity through unique experience centers in all cities, where customers can visit and view examples of interiors for their homes.

Livspace review: why choose Livspace for interiors?

Whether it’s an Insta-worthy living room or an exquisite modular kitchen, with Livspace you can enjoy hassle-free design solutions. From finding suitable designers and sourcing materials to manufacturing and installation, the brand has made it easier for us to think about renovating or fitting out new homes. Customizing to your needs, the company offers a wide range of modular designs that reflect your unique personality. From traditional to contemporary, from Vastu to pet compliance, whatever your tastes and preferences, Livspace has unique designs just for you. Those Livspace Reviews are there to prove it.

Poonam and her husband, Arnav, approached Living space to start coming up with ideas for their perfect home. Neha, a Livspace interior designer, began to put everything together to create a bigger and more innovative final plan. With a clean white base, their Gurugram 3BHK apartment is now the exceptional place they wanted it to be. With eye-catching interiors, the designs exude a healthy vibe while reflecting the personality and emotions of the owners. “We didn’t want a hotel-like house and didn’t know what kind of material or finish to look for. This is the kind of advice we were looking for when we chose Livspace ”, reveals Poonam. A neutral toned home with a subtle pop of color in every room is what the couple were looking for. Highlights of their renovated home include a sleek Pooja unit with lacquered glass, a floor-to-ceiling entertainment bookcase, and glazed tile with a wood-like finish for the kitchen floor. Extremely happy with how their home turned out, Poonam says, “I think a lot of the skill of a designer rests on understanding our ideas of a perfect home and translating it into a livable home, and in our case with color! Neha, our designer, did a fabulous job. From efficiency to decoration, everything was covered. ” After having had the kitchen of her dreams and the special space designed for her little one, Poonam continued, “When I look at home, I feel happy.”

Livspace review: why choose Livspace for interiors?

Whether Gurgaon or Mumbai, Livspace has several delighted and satisfied customers. Living, working and driving in a busy city can sometimes get intimidating. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a house with a view to come back to? After having acquired a spacious 3BHK, Jyoti wanted to make it happy. While searching for interior design services online, she came across Livspace and decided to give it a try. When Jyoti met Sakshi Shetty, her interior designer from Livspace, she explained how she wanted a home that celebrates and defines peace and quiet. Sakshi suggested a color scheme with calming whites and grays, and Jyoti agreed. The house has been transformed into a home by introducing soft tones, elegant finishes and ample space for their pet to roam around. “We loved the designs and presentations made by Sakshi and that’s what drove us to move forward with Livspace. We trusted him completely for our home and couldn’t have imagined a more perfect design than this. Our project was completed and delivered on time and we would definitely recommend Livspace to our friends and family ”, Jyoti says, adding to the growing list of Livspace reviews the company has received from satisfied customers over the years.

Resonating with the pristine, minimalist theme, the Varma family from Bangalore have been very clear on their demands. Bright colors were a big no-no for their home. They envisioned a serene space, designed with a neutral color palette and fully Vastu compliant. With all of this in mind, Livspace interior designer Richa began providing them with design suggestions. According to Suman & Deepthi, “It was a healthy experience with Livspace. Our main requirement was to get interiors that conform to Vastu and Richa made sure to stick to them. With her around it was very easy to get our ideas across and she came up with some amazing designs. We love neutral colors and this has turned out to be our dream home. We would definitely recommend Livspace to our friends and family! ”

Livspace review: why choose Livspace for interiors?

Rustic interiors are a very coveted and upcoming trend in interior design. A young couple from Bangalore who have traveled extensively, Nikhil & Pritika, have exceptional taste in interiors. When they approached Livspace, they were full of ideas and needed someone to set everything up for them. Anjali Murali, their interior designer, was more than happy to help the couple realize the dream house they had imagined. Based on their demand for home interiors that echo an earthy vibe, their new home is filled with warm colors and striking elements that make it a truly unique design mastered by Anjali. Speaking of their warm retirement, the couple say, “We wanted a one-stop solution for home interiors and Livspace was able to impress us from day one. While we already had a ton of ideas on how our home would look, we didn’t know how to put everything together and create a theme. Anjali understood our requirements very well and gave us a large layout before delving into the finer details. Gnanendra, who supervised our work, impressed us with his diligence and attention to detail. We are very happy with our new home! ”

Livspace has proven time and time again to be a comprehensive platform for all interior and home improvement needs, from design to purchasing quality materials to execution of the entire project. In addition, the team does this with the utmost transparency at every step of the process, to ensure that the client is aware of every detail during the process. It makes the whole experience trustworthy and successful. If you want your home to look as good as the ones mentioned in these Livspace reviews, book an online consultation with the company on their website.


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