Liverpool woman transforms ‘old’ kitchen using bargains from Amazon, Tesco and The Range


A Liverpool woman has modernized her ‘old’ kitchen thanks to high street shopping and bargains she found on Facebook Marketplace.

Cecilia Effa, 28, Liverpool editor, bought a house that was 140 years old. Although her new kitchen is “characterful”, Cecilia wanted to modernize it while retaining its original features.

After paying a decorator to paint the cabinets, Cecilia got to work shopping for accessories to completely transform the space. As reported by, Cecilia told the money-saving DIY On A Budget UK Facebook group: “We wanted to keep the old cottage-style feel in the kitchen, but we thought that it could be done with a more refreshing color, so we came up with the style of rustic meets modern.

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“The first step was to paint the cupboards sage green – the only thing we didn’t do ourselves. It cost £1,000 to have the cupboards repainted. They are real wood and we didn’t want anything remove from their original beauty.We had to freshen up the walls which had lots of cracks and peeling so a few days were spent repainting all the walls white and sanding them to perfection.

“Then we thought it would be too difficult to remove all the tiles, so we focused on the decorative tiles that dotted the kitchen, primed them and painted them the same green – they were originally brown! The edge of the tiles was discolored so we bought some copper spray paint and struggled to spray clean clean lines – but the copper made a huge difference.”

Cecilia’s kitchen before the transformation.

Next, the decoration. Cecilia scoured Facebook Marketplace before heading to department stores to see what products people were selling online. She continued: ‘Found some copper pans from a lovely lady in Leeds for a rustic room. They were only 30 for four and she also gave me a wonderful big jar of jam for 10.

“We also found the Persian rug for £15 on Facebook Marketplace. Then we added shelves by cutting old pieces from a headboard. We sanded, prepped and dyed them, and used them for the shelves. Coloring was only about £5.

“My boyfriend also made us a beautiful huge cutting board and engraved our initials on it. I got a few decorative items from Amazon, such as garlands and spaghetti, rice and chili caddies from The Range. The hexagonal shelves were £60 from Etsy and the vase was from Tesco for £8.

Cecilia is made up with the finished kitchen. She explained: “I love the style of the kitchen, and it makes me want to cook there every night. It’s my favorite room in the house. My advice is that Facebook Marketplace should be your first port of call for all things rugs, decor, shelves – anything!

Cecilia decorated the kitchen with department store bargains.
Cecilia decorated the kitchen with department store bargains.

Cecilia has some more advice for anyone looking to tackle their own renovation challenge. She said: “Keep some good wood around – you never know when you’ll want a nice new shelf or whatever. Lots of people throw away wood, but it can be repurposed into fantastic pieces.

“If you like rustic, cottage chic, consider nature – that was the theme. My boyfriend makes fun of me because I go to the garden and come back with an apple blossom stick I found by earth – but it looks so beautiful in a jar and is the prettiest, most natural setting you can find.

“When you receive flowers from friends or relatives, press them! You can buy a flower press or just put it on the back of a book that you don’t mind getting a little dirty – they look beautiful in a frame and you kept something someone gave you out of love.

In total the kitchen cost just over £1200, including professional painting of the cupboards. Cecilia said: “We saved a lot, not just with the kitchen, but having the tools and doing the rest of the house ourselves. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment knowing we made it – there’s nothing like it! »

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