Inside Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee’s brand new Florida tanning salon, complete with sauna and body sculpting station


TEEN Mom Mackenzie McKee’s brand new Florida tanning salon features a sauna, body sculpting station and more.

Mackenzie, 27, spoke exclusively with The Sun about opening her new tanning salon after years in the Teen Mom franchise.


Teen mum Mackenzie McKee exclusively showed The Sun a glimpse of her new tanning salonCredit: Mackenzie McKee
After photos show the more modern design


After photos show the more modern designCredit: Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie told The Sun exclusively, “The show is obviously coming to an end, we’re not teenagers anymore, and you never know when the final season will be, so we decided to become investors.”

The Teen Mom and her husband Josh bought the nearly 1,000 square foot tanning shop and renamed it Beautifully Bronzed Sarasota.

They made the purchase in October last year, but due to official paperwork, they weren’t named official owners until this month.

The salon is about a 25-minute drive from their family home and is also located in the same mall as the Mackenzie-run gym, Body by Mac.

Mackenzie shared that she was upgrading the old-fashioned tanning bed salon.

According to Mackenzie, the finished product of the new and improved Beautifully Bronzed Sarasota will include a sauna, body massages and 10-minute UV spray tanning booths.

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In total, there are twelve rooms in the establishment.

Regarding the design choices, Mackenzie said, “The original space had a rustic western feel to it.”

However, Josh and Mackenzie decided to ditch their Oklahoma roots and update the space with a “black and white” theme and a “modern” look.

Mackenzie reflected, “Designing this is kind of a way I’m connecting with my mom right now.”

Mackenzie’s mother, Angie, tragically lost her battle with stage four brain cancer at the age of 50 in December 2019.


As Mackenzie starts this new business, she is still juggling settling into their new home in Florida, raising her three children, and maintaining Body by Mac.

She said: “I get stressed out and start crying at the end of the day saying I’m overworked.”

However, she also remarked that she couldn’t do it without a support system.

Mackenzie commented: “Josh is a very good stay-at-home dad.

“We work really well together and it took 10 years to get to this point with all the fighting.”

She continued: “During filming [Teen Mom]we couldn’t escape the “my marriage is bad” and it’s harmful.

“Our kids watched on TV that marriage was bad, but in real life, we’re having a blast.”

Mackenzie concluded, “Josh and I have worked hard to get to where we are today and we are best friends.”

Josh signed on to be the co-manager of Beautifully Bronzed Sarasota with Mackenzie as he still maintains his construction business.

In some exclusive photos obtained by The Sun, Josh can be spotted helping with renovations to the new tanning salon.

Mackenzie and Josh are hard at work with the renovations and hope to be up and running with the business in a few weeks.

MACK Sacked?

Previously, Mackenzie revealed whether she was fired from the franchise after her “hurtful” rejection from the family reunion.

She revealed to The Sun that she has yet to be asked to film for the next season of Teen Mom, and that she is “praying”.

The reality star said: “MTV was there when my first child was born and they were a huge part of my mom. They always respected my mom and my mom always loved them.”

The star has spoken out about her feelings about the television network after they snubbed her from filming the franchise spin-off Family Reunion.

Mackenzie said: “It hurt and broke me how my mother gave them the last breath of her life, but after I opened my life to them, when my voice didn’t sound like theirs, it there was no respect for me anymore.”

The Teen Mom, who has been with the franchise since her debut at 16 and pregnant, continued, “I never thought that two years after her death I would be complaining about why MTV is doing this to me.”

Although he’s with MTV for all of this, the network didn’t invite Mackenzie to film their latest Family Reunion reboot.

According to Mackenzie, MTV “lied” to him to prevent him from participating in the spin-off of the franchise.

Mackenzie claimed: “It’s the lies that bother me. It’s not being part of the band that bothers me, that’s why I kept my mouth shut because I don’t want people to say to themselves, ‘Oh, she’s just jealous.'”

She went on to explain, “I was disappointed that they told me it was a select few people from each show and it had nothing to do with anyone being left out, Which is not true.”

All of the moms from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have all been included on the show.

Mackenzie continued, “I’m so confused. I was the only one who wasn’t invited and they refused to say it out loud. But it’s okay, I’m done.

“I’m not going to be petty like that.”

Mackenzie commented on being dropped from being part of the cast: “I don’t get it. This show was about people who have issues with each other and people who need therapy, and that’s me. had a deceased mother.

“MTV is trying to cover a girls story about mental health, but they really don’t care about you.”


The dismissal rumors come amid Mackenzie’s feud with her Teen Mom co-stars which left her “shocked and humbled”.

The nasty feud began when a co-star accused Mackenzie of “bullying” her and called her “ignorant” for using a racial slur on social media.

Mackenzie revealed exclusively to The Sun: “I’m so confused that MTV was upset when I just said sorry to someone for trying to get together.”

The teenage mum continued: “I was really confused and heartbroken and my eyes were opened to what is going on in the world with cancel culture.

“It was shocking, humiliating and embarrassing.”

Mackenzie explained, “I’m disappointed to be known as the one left out when other girls share click bait on each other, and it’s so toxic.”

As for a truce with her co-stars, Mackenzie said, “I don’t have a problem with anyone, but someone has a problem with me.

“It’s very obvious that they wanted to shut me up and not talk to me.”

Mackenzie continued, “She doesn’t want things to go well.”

She said: “I tried and would love to see unity, but I don’t think anyone would. I want love, and I said sorry, and it crashed and burned , and I admired every one of them.”

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans asked fellow mums to ‘leave Mackenzie alone’ as Maci Bookout criticized the way Mackenzie treated others.

Mackenzie told The Sun: “The rest [of the Moms] spoke to me, even though it’s not popular to like me in the public eye, so they’re not going to support me.”

She confessed, “Other girls hate me when I apologize over and over again. It’s like saying sorry was the worst thing I could have done.”

Mackenzie wanted the boutique space called Beautifully Bronzed Sarasota to have a 'black and white' theme and a 'modern' feel


Mackenzie wanted the boutique space called Beautifully Bronzed Sarasota to have a ‘black and white’ theme and a ‘modern’ feelCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source
The tanning salon has 12 rooms including a sauna and a body sculpting station


The tanning salon has 12 rooms including a sauna and a body sculpting stationCredit: Beautifully Tanned Sarasota/Instagram
This all comes after Mackenzie was snubbed from filming Teen Mom: Family Reunion


This all comes after Mackenzie was snubbed from filming Teen Mom: Family ReunionCredit: MTV

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