Get a preview of Sonic Drive-In’s new restaurant design


The restaurant is located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and features 18 docks, drive-thru, and a covered outdoor patio where you can dine under string lights and enjoy lawn games. The layout has fewer and wider than normal car docks that do not cross the drive-thru lane.

The patio signals “a treat for your day” and is a newer feature for most Sonic locations. There are now three to four different layout options to plug in depending on what works for the franchisee, Brazelton said.

The exterior reflects Sonic’s updated brand identity, the company noted. It appears with red, blue and a little yellow, intended to remind “gcustomers that summer is a feeling, not just a season, ”Sonic said. With the lenticular stripe detail, the building itself moves with you as it changes color as you drive around the building, said Brazelton,

It also has a blue glass tower with a brilliantly lit cherry atop to pay homage to the over 9 million cherry lemonades served each year. Brazelton said the feature stands out at night and allows you to “peek inside the building to get a glimpse of the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.”

Inside, Sonic has built a new kitchen layout that allows teams to function more efficiently, he said. (The company’s original slogan is “service at the speed of sound).

Sonic didn’t provide more details on what the kitchen change entails. He noted, however, that the updated design resulted in earlier formats and footprints. Already, the company said, “several franchisees” are building or renovating locations to give them a new look.

The second is under construction in Fort Worth, Texas, and is slated to open this month.

“A modern visual system could be the secret sauce,” Brazelton explained. “The bold new logo has a charm and eccentricity of its own and a vibrant color palette, food and lifestyle photographs, iconography, app design and media such as classic roller skates that carhops are allowed to carry. “


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