‘Fixer to Fabulous’ takes a smart bathroom idea to the ‘next level’


On “Fix to Fabulous”, Jenny and Dave Marrs are known for their home renovations, but can they make a party house?

In the Season 3 episode “Funky Modern Home With a Pool,” the HGTV stars help Paul Walker, who is divorced. He hopes to turn his bachelor pad into a dormitory into a unique place where he and his friends can relax and have fun. With a healthy budget of $150,000, Jenny and Dave offer a colorful entryway, an in-house speakeasy, and even a funky bathroom idea that we can’t believe isn’t already more commonplace (especially for kids). owners with swimming pool).

Read on to see how Jenny and Dave create the perfect bachelor pad and get tips for planning your own house party.

Black paint makes a statement, but don’t go all black

This ranch house needed a new look.


Walker wants his house to look modern. But with lots of red-brick and spun-wood porch railings, this ’70s home is a far cry from Walker’s style. So Jenny and Dave have put a lot of work into this house, removing the railing, updating the landscaping and giving the exterior a spectacular new color.

Jenny and Dave’s team is painting the dated red brick black, giving the house a much bolder look. Still, Jenny avoids painting the whole house black, realizing that the white parts could be a big draw.

“I know you wanted to go really modern with this house, and that’s what we tried to do,” Jenny says when Walker finally sees the finished exterior. “We’ve given you a bit of color contrast, though, instead of just completely dark. It’s modern but it’s also warm and inviting.”

Modern House
After: The stark contrast gives this 70s home a fun, modern look.


A hallway should set the tone for a home and provide storage space

There was no place for guests to hang their coats.


Inside the house, Jenny and Dave find a large living room, but no coat rack or closet for guests. Jenny is borrowing part of this space for a new laundry room, leaving just enough for a mudroom-type entrance. Then she gets to work designing a unique built-in that will provide function for guests as well as a fun first impression.

“I want it to be an asymmetrical, unique recessed with a fun color, just to really set the tone for the whole house, which is going to be kind of funky and eclectic and just fun,” Jenny says.

After: Now friends and family can put away their coats and boots before entering the party area.


To finish the recessed, Jenny painted it a bright green, which looks great next to the wooden front door.

“Now you just have this input really defined, and [a] nice place to have storage, but also a really nice statement piece,” Jenny told Walker.

You don’t need an open kitchen to entertain

This kitchen is closed but functional.


Many homeowners want to open up their kitchen to create a dual cooking and entertaining space, but Walker doesn’t see his guests congregating around a kitchen island. Although he knows his kitchen is relatively small, he likes its functionality and wants to keep it as it is.

“Paul was very specific: he likes the size and layout of his current kitchen. He didn’t want that to change,” says Jenny. “So we have to be creative.”

modern kitchen
After: With new colors, this kitchen is a gathering place.



Walker and his adult daughter, Erin Brelsford, mention that they would like to see some color in this kitchen, so Jenny chooses beautiful blue cabinets and a modern gray countertop.

“Erin and Paul both really love color, so I feel like this is a chance to give them some color,” Jenny said.

To finish off the space, Dave builds a simple steel wine rack for easy access from any angle. This feature adds industrial-modern style while giving the kitchen much-needed storage space.

laundry room
The owner didn’t need this huge laundry room.


While many homeowners would appreciate a large laundry room with plenty of storage, Jenny and Dave know that a bachelor doesn’t need that much space.

“All that space is very underutilized,” Jenny says of the laundry room. “But it’s a nice big space, like, we should do something with it.”

So they found a fun use for the old laundry room: a speakeasy!

Jenny gives this space a moody upgrade with grey-blue walls and cabinets, then Dave and his brother Mast Build a custom bar to match the steel wine rack in the kitchen.

“Love the dark color Jenny chose. The cabinets are also dark, and now there’s an amazing steel shelf,” Dave says as he finishes the bar feature.

After: A speakeasy is a perfect addition to any party house.


Although the steel bar function is similar to the kitchen wine rack, it has a more rustic look.

Dave explains that it was easy to achieve this look: “Jenny wanted something that looked old and old, so Matt and I welded it up and sat it in the yard for about four weeks.”

Add direct pool access to a guest bathroom

This bathroom was due for an update.


Walker loves his pool, but he’d like a convenient way for guests to shower and get ready after a dip without letting water into the house. So Jenny and Dave add an exterior door to the guest bathroom, so visitors can walk straight into the shower from the backyard.

Jenny and Dave Marrs built a second entrance to this shower.


“Paul loves this house because of the pool in particular,” says Jenny. “Now it basically has a pool bath, so you can just walk in and out of the bathroom.”

Jenny finishes off the design with a modern blue shower tile and stone shower floor. When Walker and Brelsford see the improved shower, they are thrilled.

“It’s the next level,” says Brelsford. It’s a gorgeous shower with a smart solution that any party host would appreciate!

This shower is both practical and stylish.


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