Charm of the farm without the cows


Harnessing country elements with a contemporary twist, modern farmhouse designs marry the best of the old and the new.

Characterized by barn-style sliding doors, wide-planked wood floors, gable roofs and wrap-around verandas, the iconic theme can be achieved on the blocks of Perth. However, Ross Squire Homes design and build consultant Wayne March said the truss trend is best suited for large properties.

“As a general rule, farmhouse style buildings are generally not suitable for the metropolitan blocks of Perth,” he said.

“The main reason is that the size of the blocks used for construction in Perth is too narrow and would not fit the traditional wide front of a farmhouse style house.

“But all you have to do is venture out into the Perth Hills or take a small step beyond the Perth metro area, then the farmhouse style home can perfectly sit on a lifestyle block.”

Camera iconArgyle by Ross Squire Homes. Credit: Provided.

If builders don’t have the luxury of a large property, March suggested farmhouse elements could still be tied to any home.

“I would recommend focusing on the front porch with fiber cement siding on the exterior walls, Colorbond roof covering, roof gables and the use of carports instead of a garage,” a- he declared.

“The designs of the farmhouses are very wide, they usually have expansive verandas and large outdoor entertaining areas to soak up the fresh country air.

“The exterior walls are covered with fiber cement or Colorbond panels, with Colorbond or zinc roof covering. “

When it comes to interior spaces, Mr. March said that a modern farmhouse design typically includes large living spaces that easily connect with the outdoors.

“To achieve a modern farmhouse design, create large central living spaces with parent space on one side of the living space and a children’s wing on the other,” he said. .

“Also allow excellent access and connection to the outdoors with plenty of windows to enjoy the view.

“A large kitchen creates a hub in the home, while a large pantry or utility room can add to the feeling of space, and large utility rooms are often used as changing rooms or as entry areas for the house too. “

Avon Valley by Ross Squire Homes.
Camera iconAvon Valley by Ross Squire Homes. Credit: Joel barbitta /D-Max photography.

If you’re unsure how to get rustic country charm in your new build, the Ross Squire Homes Show Village in Greenmount is full of homes with farmhouse elements.

“The Argyle display at Greenmount includes a front veranda with Colorbond coating on the exterior walls, Colorbond roof covering, roof cables and the use of carports,” Mr. March said.

With plenty of open and airy spaces, the Atherton display uses a similar theme and is built in an elevated Queensland style.

“In the Atherton exhibit, we used a linear fiber cement exterior siding, split gutter lines and wood railings with decking for the wider verandas,” said March.

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