Cannabis-Friendly Hotel, Spa, and Salon: Visit Scotia Lodge in the California Redwoods


Scotia Lodge is not a cannabis-friendly hotel, or what some call a breakfast hotel. Since it also has a spa, restaurant, bar, lounge, and stately rooms, it’s a resort. And yes, cannabis is allowed on the property.

This Redwood resort town is geared towards normalizing cannabis-related tourism. Located just on the edge of Redwood Forest, it’s the brainchild of Jon O’Connor and Amy Cirincione O’Connor. The complex is part of a collection of the Humboldt Bay Social Club.

papagrass, Pixabay

Just outside of Eureka, take a trip to the Emerald Triangle in Mendocino County, California. This region is famous for Ocean Grown Kush (or OG Kush), the hybrid strain whose landrace genetics originated in the Hindu Kush mountains of the Himalayas.

The Emerald Triangle is home to the most well-known outdoor cannabis grows in the United States. Some locals have been growing sun-grown cannabis here in small amounts for generations. Scotia Lodge wants to showcase the history and culture of the Emerald Triangle. And that culture absolutely includes cannabis.


Stepping through the doors of Scotia Lodge, the eye will be rewarded with majestic wooden columns, two huge murals of the redwood trees, plush seating and living plants perfectly placed in the bright and airy space.

Check into the hotel that normalizes cannabis-related travel. And experience much more than the Scotia Lodge Cannabis Lounge. Rooms have a classic feel with modern touches throughout. Mid-century modern furnishings, classic wainscoting, windows for a headboard, and tons of natural light create the perfect respite at the end of a day of immersive cannabis tourism.


After picking up your green from Papa & Barkley Social, Jon O’Connor told Ganjapreneur, “you go out” to a drinking lounge where you can consume your weed. If you want a drug activated massage, there is that option too as there are one or two massage therapists who are there every day, doing cannabis infused massages or CBD infused massages. The Entourage Effect, The Hour to Flower and The Full Spectrum are aptly named services on their Spa menu.

Sit down to dinner at the new Main & Mill Kitchen and Bar. Steak and charcuterie boards are on the menu as well as a selection of burgers and fries (Asada fries…yum). After dinner, stroll to Wonder Bar, inspired by Jon’s Uncle Vince. A soul in love with jazz with a lot of style and taste. Scotia Lodge is “pleased to present our newest edition…Join us at the Wonder Bar for conversation, entertainment and mixology in a unique and fun aesthetic.”

The Lodge is also beginning to reopen for social events. Join them for a mystery night and help raise money for the local charter school, while helping solve a murder mystery. This month, they’re also offering a private brunch with Chef Natalia Boyce, a trivia night, and a St. Patrick’s Day feast.


As mentioned earlier, this resort is only part of the Humboldt Bay Social Club collection. The original property is a bit more rustic and located on the shores of Humboldt Bay. Although the clawfoot tubs in the outdoor baths lean towards the luxury side. A well-planned property, “Our design aesthetic showcases the history and beauty of the North Shore, with an emphasis on reclaimed materials, vintage furnishings, and plenty of natural light.” Also on-site are the Lobby Bar and Jetty Restaurant, which are open to the public and dog-friendly and child-friendly.

The O’Connors have been in the hospitality business for years. Incorporating cannabis is what is new for them. Amy explains to Ganjapreneur: “That’s what integration means to us…the Humboldt experience is our river. It’s our redwoods, it’s the shopping, it’s the local food movement, it’s our creators and our creative community and it’s meeting those people. It’s cannabis, it’s wine, it’s beer and spirits…it’s all of that.

Scotia Lodge and its bar, restaurant, spa and especially its lounge are an exuberant nod in the right direction for the normalization of cannabis through travel and education. It’s not a trivial, weed, bud, and breakfast friendly thing. It’s a million times more than that, it’s a place to experience NorCal culture in its entirety. It is a source of inspiration in the world of cannabis.


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