Breaking Bad’s 10 Most Iconic Fictional Sets


In breaking Bad, events rarely jump from place to place in a rapid manner. Each scene stays where it takes place for a few minutes, allowing viewers to notice and digest every little detail. But that doesn’t mean the locations are limited. The dozens of characters are all based in different locations, eliminating any form of monotony.

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The many locations are all home to key subplots, but a few locations are anchored in the hearts of fans because of their value to the characters and because of their hosting of some of the show’s most defining events. These locations also help highlight some of the common themes that are plastered across the plot.

A1A car wash

Walt washes Chad's car at the A1A car wash

At the start of the series, Walt works part-time at the A1A Car Wash to supplement the income he earns from teaching. As soon as he starts making meth, he and Skyler buy the car wash and use it to launder money.

Without the humiliating experiences at the A1A car wash, Walt’s criminal version probably wouldn’t exist. Walt has to make fun of his student Chad and be bullied by his boss Bogdan Wolynetz for him to realize he needs a career change. The A1A car wash also shines a light on Walt’s growth. In just a few short months, he goes from a man who had to wash his students’ cars for an extra dollar to a man who can afford to pay $ 800,000 for the business.

Los Pollos Hermanos

Walt in front of Los Pollos Hermanos in Breaking Bad

Gus Fring uses his restaurant chain, Los Pollos Hermonos (the Chicken Brothers), to launder the drug money and in doing so, he presents himself as a real businessman. Although owned by Gus, the German multinational conglomerate Madrigal Electromotive GmbH has invested heavily in Los Pollos.

It’s in Los Pollos that Walt and Jesse go from petty drug dealers to two of America’s most high-profile criminals. Their meeting with Gus at the main restaurant branch sets them on the path to earning and making more meth than they ever dreamed of. The restaurant also benefits Gus greatly as it is like a mask for him, making him look like an honest citizen even in the eyes of the DEA, but he moves drugs worth hundreds of millions every year.

The White Residence

breaking Bad

Located at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Walt’s home is as important as the characters in the show. Many memorable moments unfold there, including the pizza toss incident and the Cousins’ attempted strike.

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The purpose of the residency on the show is primarily to highlight Walt and Skyler’s troubled marriage. Rarely is there a happy moment involving the two inside the house. So it’s a surprise that Walt tries so hard to get back there when he and Skyler go their separate ways. On a positive note, the house reinforces some of Walt and Skyler’s positive traits, including their ability to be good parents despite their personal feuds.

Hector retirement home – Casa Tranquila

Casa Tranquila is the Albuquerque retirement home where Hector Salamanca lives after his nephew Tuco was killed by Hank. This is also where Hector commits suicide with Gus, resulting in one of the most shocking deaths in breaking Bad.

For the most part, Casa Tranquilla symbolizes Walt’s victory. Hector being forced to live there means that Walt and Jesse finally got out of Tuco’s tight clutches. In another life, they would be slave cooks in Mexico. The death of Gus Fring is also Walt’s greatest triumph as it is he who convinces Hector to blow himself up with his longtime opponent.

Saul Office – Goodman & Associates

Jesse asks Saul for his money in Breaking Bad

Saul’s office is located in an Albuquerque mall. During the series, he serves as a meeting point for Walt, Jesse, Saul and Mike whenever business needs to be discussed.

Saul Goodman & Associates is home to some of the show’s most hilarious moments. Walt claims to be a Mr. Mayhew, one of the best aliases of breaking Bad, when he first goes to see Saul at his office. Meeting Saul is the best thing that happens to Walt’s criminal career. It was in this office that Walt received his very first tutorials on how not to “crack down while peddling methamphetamine”. Saul also continues to tell joke after joke while talking to his clients in the office.

The Superlab

Walt standing in Gus Fring's superlab in Breaking Bad

Located under the Lavandería Brillante industrial laundromat, the Superlab is where Walt and Jesse make methamphetamine for Gus Fring. Thanks to his enormous size, he is reported to produce 100 to 300 pounds of methamphetamine each week.

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The time the Superlab exists also marks the time Walt is in the form of his life as a criminal. By working at the Superlab, Walt earns more money than he has ever seen in his life. He also invents the most diabolical of ploys. The Superlab is also a hallmark of Gus Fring’s intelligence as a villain. Building the lab under an industrial laundromat is a genius, as is employing a chemistry guru and engaging in large-scale production instead of buying and reselling meth to low-grade cooks. level.

Jesse’s apartment unit

Jesse and Jane in Breaking Bad

After Jesse’s parents kick him out of his late aunt’s house for using it as a meth lab, he rents an apartment. It is in this unit that viewers can witness some of Jesse Pinkman’s most tragic moments.

Jesse’s decision to date his owner’s daughter, Jane Margolis, sets off a series of unfortunate events. Both activate each other’s drug habits, causing them to sink more and more into addiction. The Wayfarer 515 plane crash can also be traced back to the apartment since it is Jane’s decision to blackmail Walt that causes her to refuse to save her life when she overdoses. As a result, Jane’s father Donald, an air traffic controller, causes the crash when his judgment is affected by grief.

JP Wynne High School

Walter White's car parked in the parking lot of JP Wynne High School

Walt started out as a chemistry teacher at this high school JP Wynne before choosing to cook meth. It is revealed that Jesse was also a student at the school and this is how he and Walt were introduced to each other.

The school reminds us that bad choices come back to haunt those who made them. Walt left Gray Matter Technologies, a company he founded, only to grow it into a billion dollars. Despite his overqualification, he is now forced to work as a chemistry teacher. High school also plays a big role in connecting Walt and Jesse. If there was an alternate world where Walt never met Jesse at JP Wynne, then he probably wouldn’t have become a drug lord.



Mexico is home to the Juarez Cartel, whose members, Don Eladio, Bolsa, The Cousins, and Tuco, do an excellent job of terrorizing Walt and Gus Fring. This is also where Tortuga, the most unlucky defector of all time, comes from.

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Due to Mexico’s constant association with real-life drug trafficking, it was important that he be included on the show. Mexico is still considered the source of the threats. Walt and Jesse try to kill Tuco because he wants to take them to Mexico. The Cousins ​​also come from Mexico to kill Hank. Fortunately, Gus eradicates the threat by taking down the entire cartel using poisoned tequila.

Unspecified desert near Albuquerque

Before having a permanent lab, Walt and Jesse continue to drive their campervan into the wilderness to cook from there. The desert is also where “Ozymandias”, what fans call the best episode of breaking Bad is set.

The places where the grind started still hold a special place in the hearts of those who made it and it is the wilderness for Walt and Jesse. Working from there allows them to make their first batches with peace of mind and without interference. It’s no surprise that Walt chose to hide all of his money there last season. Sadly, it all ends badly as Hank is killed and Walt’s money is taken away.

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