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Grenfell’s Australia Day Ambassador has been confirmed as Chef David Bitton.

David was born in Paris and began his apprenticeship at La Colombes at the age of fifteen.

This was followed by what was to be a six month stay in Cannes but he stayed for four years and worked at establishments such as the famous Carlton Intercontinental.

In 1989, he left for Switzerland where he worked in La Fontaine, near Gstaad.

It was here that he got his first glimpse of the country that would become his home.

He met a group of Australians who convinced him this was the place to be and he applied for residency there.

While awaiting his visa, David returned to France and worked in the oldest refined dining room in Paris – the 2-star Michelin Ledoyen, built in 1792.

David rightly arrived in Sydney, Australia on Anzac Day in 1991. He immediately took up a treasury post at the Intercontinental and it was there that he met his wife, Sohani who would become his. partner in the creation of the Bitton brand. A year later, David finds himself on the beautiful Hayman Island at La Fontaine. He then returned to Melbourne and his love of old and established fine dining, to the Windsor Hotel in The Grande Dining Room. In 1996 David took up the post of Head Chef at The Gekko Restaurant at Sheraton on the Park in Sydney where he would stay for five years.

This is the position that made David a recognized talent in Australia and gave him the artistic freedom he had longed for. In 2000, David and Sohani opened a small 20-seat cafe in the industrial area of ​​Alexandria, Sydney. At the same time, it is in the family kitchen of David and Sohani that a unique range of gourmet products has been lovingly created. It all started with the now famous strawberry and vanilla jam, originally designed to meet the demand of locals who frequented the cafe. The overnight success was met by a demand for more products and thus the ‘Bitton’ product line was born.

The inspiration for the range was derived from various influences; The French childhood and training of David, the Moroccan heritage of his grandfather and the South African Indian origins of Sohani. From its humble beginnings, the line has grown exponentially, now comprising over a dozen products that are sold in over 600 carefully selected fine food stores both locally and internationally. This little cafe down the street is the now iconic Bitton Cafe & Bistro with over 100 seats where the range is presented in a spectacular display. The intention behind the range has always been to offer customers the ability to create restaurant quality meals at home, without the hassle or endless prep. With this in mind, each product is carefully prepared using a wonderful range of 100% natural ingredients.

Bitton Cafe & Bistro has a fabulous, ever-changing menu blending modern Australian and French cuisine and is open for breakfast, daily lunch, and dinner Wednesday through Saturday. A children’s room offers parents a well-deserved break, the atmosphere is friendly and the level of service award-winning. 2010 saw Bitton’s 10th birthday and was celebrated with the launch of David’s first cookbook. Bitton – A French-inspired Café Cookbook is a collection of 50 recipes drawn from his training and learning in French, his various positions within the 5-star hospitality industry and of course his beloved café and bistro in Alexandria. This vividly beautiful book has sold an unprecedented 60,000 copies through corporate channels nationwide.

In 2012, Bitton Consulting was launched providing a unique service to similar businesses wishing to develop a range of products or increase their business as a brand. This business has grown organically as the demand for David’s knowledge in the industry increased. Bitton Consulting has worked with clients such as Delicious, Fratelli Fresh and Charmaine Solomon.

In May 2016, Bitton Café and Grocer in Oatley opened. Based on the same philosophy and characteristics as the flagship Bitton cafe in Alexandria, Bitton Oatley has already exceeded expectations in terms of popularity among locals.

In September 2017, David launched his Autobiography – Chopped and Served. In David’s story so far he writes about his childhood struggle, his abusive and traumatic upbringing, which fueled the downward spiral of alcohol abuse and drug addiction that would define him, but not destroy him. not. When he arrived in Australia in 1998, his life changed thanks to his self-determination, his strength of character and surrounding himself with positive people.

David is an active philanthropist, working regularly with charities such as the Chris O’Brien Life House Center of Cancer Research, Beyond Blue and as an Ambassador for the Ronald MacDonald House at Randwick Children’s Hospital. David has also been an official Australia Day Ambassador every year since 2013 and travels to different parts of our state on Australia Day to speak to local communities and introduce citizenship to newcomers. Australians.

Of course, things haven’t quite gone as planned in recent years, but Bitton has managed to ride the COVID-19 wave by reinventing himself and continuing to provide his communities with what they need. Despite its unprecedented success, Bitton continues to be a family business. David and his team continue to strive to “be the best local cafe in the community”.

Australian Grenfell Day celebrations will take place at Taylor Park on Wednesday January 26. There will be a Lions community barbecue starting at 8 a.m. The ceremony will start at 9 a.m. when all Grenfell’s Australia Day awards will be presented. There will be drawing competitions for young children with great prizes offered. Bring a chair and sunscreen for a big community event. All inquiries to 6343 2855.


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