Arjuna Phalguna Trailer: Intriguing Thriller


Sree Vishnu’s next film, Arjuna Phalguna, is set for a theatrical release on the 31st of this month.

Star director Koratala Siva has kicked off the theatrical trailer for this intriguing thriller.

The video begins on a funny note when police inquire about Sree Vishnu and his friends at a lodge where they have stayed.

After graduation, Sree Vishnu, who is a big fan of Jr NTR, decides to take a 6 month break and hang out with his best friends.

An unexpected incident turns his life upside down. The police and a rowdy group are after him and his friends.

How they confront these powerful people to save themselves, at the heart of the story.

According to the trailer, director Teja Marni came up with a commercially viable topic.

The cinematography and the background music are the big assets, in which Sree Vishnu seems fit in the role.

Amritha Aiyer has emerged as a village belle and the rustic love trail looks interesting.

Produced by Matinee Entertainment, the production design looks high level.

Let’s wait and see if Arjuna Phalguna will compete fiercely with the big movies released in theaters!

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