a bar in Japan with many stories and space-time settings



MASSminors is a “gathering place for nocturnal animals”

designed by one fine day studio & partners (OFD), “MASSminors” takes the form of a small, elegant bar in the heart of zhujiang new town, a booming central business district in guangzhou, china. spanning 128 m², the project is conceived as a “shop in shop”, consisting of a mass hall, a jumping tunnel and a juvenile lounge – three stages combining design stories and multiple spatio-temporal parameters. harmonizing with the other’s singular design style, the trio acts as a bold visual manifesto for the loci genius of space (the protective spirit of a place).

on the basis of pairs of antonyms, the architects incorporated a double meaning into the project: gathering and dispersing of people, conflicts of different opinions, styles on the verge of crossing borders, confronting chaos and order, and the imbalance of time and space. Based on the above concepts, the “mass lobby” and the “miners’ lounge” embrace distinct design features, while the “jump tunnel”, an intermezzo hallway with less commercial functions, is considered an artistic center.

while the red beams wow from the interior, the structure stands out from the noisy neighborhood, transforming into a hotspot and sanctuary for night-goers

all images courtesy OFD

a space with lots of storytelling and interaction

one fine day studio & partners (see more here) sought to create a space with abundant storytelling and interaction, welcoming guests with new and dynamic experiences. a floor-to-ceiling front door, disguised in rustic silver-gray cladding, leads visitors inside. the uncertainty caused by the contrasting blends of a high-gloss metallic coating and coarse-grained texture makes guests wonder what is behind the colossus. the main bar scene is an area of ​​box structure immersed in architectural aesthetics. its abstract and minimal style pays homage to Eastern European architecture of the space age. instead of dividing the area into smaller sectors, the studio kept the mass in its entirety and used a concave rectangular frame to convey lines and add a sense of depth. inside one of the concave shelves, an eye-catching row of home-brewed wine bottles is highlighted by a cleverly placed bottom light thread. the room is dressed in a slightly cyberpunk crimson, giving off an atmosphere of intimacy and intimacy.

the following hyperspace is an assemblage of over 600 rocker clocks. as he walks, he evokes a sensation of drifting in a weightless space bridge, and the digital debris of space-time is at your fingertips. behind the double doors topped with mirrors, there is a classic world to explore: retro palette defined by walnut woodwork, orient express style jack arch, vintage sconces with warm amber lighting, custom U-shaped leather sofa, Geometric puzzle pattern marble tile and a diamond-shaped protective window with a nod to Italian architect Carlo Scarpe.MASSminors: a bar in Japan with ample stories and multiple spatio-temporal settings

provocative three-dimensional installations decorate the rooms

the dark arts through the three distinct volumes break the visual monotony of each space and subtly reinforce their cohesion. Thus, rather than decorating the walls or ceilings with paintings, the team deployed provocative three-dimensional installations that follow the same logic of contrast with the context. the miners’ lounge features a pendant lamp in the shape of a Roman order – an essential decor partly made with lightweight fiberglass via 3D printing. a hanging horse installation is the centerpiece of the mass. Interwoven with neon pipes and fitted with a barrel motor, the bionic artwork is an eccentric embodiment of symbolic metaphors. once you look closely, visitors will find Morse code patterns scattered both throughout the L-shaped hallway and the stoneware mass counter. Along the street next door, a sequence of coded holes constantly flickers inviting signals.

MASSminors: a bar in Japan with ample stories and multiple spatio-temporal settings
a hanging horse installation is the centerpiece of the mass

day, night

with a neat gray hue facade, by day, MASSminors serves as a perfect complement to the concrete tower in which it sits, embodying an ancient Chinese philosophy “The greatest hermit enjoys a life of solitude in the city”. its camouflage is a galvanized steel outer wall wrapped in tempered glass that is easy to clean and helps protect the panels from rain and sun. Plus, this extra protection will prolong the natural rusting process of the wall as well as window marks and the streaks of time. while the inner world is hidden behind steel panels, the outer steps of MASSminors expand its territory by transforming into a public space open to all. at night, when tables and chairs are seated, the platform of the stairs becomes a square where passers-by stop for a drink. while the red beams draw in from the interior, the structure stands out from the noisy neighborhood, transforming into a hotspot and sanctuary for night-goers.



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