8 tips to turn the bathroom into a sanctuary


Bathrooms are no longer just utilitarian spaces; they become personalized and spalike retreats. If you’re ready to refresh your bathroom, these eight ideas will inspire you to turn that everyday space into a calming sanctuary.

1. Accent walls

Homeowners and designers are increasingly using accent walls to spark interest in the bathroom. These can be used to liven up a neutral palette or help draw attention to a standout feature, like a custom tub or vanity.

If you decide to add an accent wall, carefully choose which wall to highlight. Look at the features around or on the wall – if you’re still unsure which wall is better, select the one that’s most visible from the doorway.

2. Freestanding Vanities

Freestanding vanities, with their cabinet-like appeal, offer a great opportunity to add a custom look. Plus, they offer the same design and storage options as built-in devices, but at a lower price.

Updating your vanity is one of the fastest ways to change the look of your bathroom without undertaking a renovation. To further personalize the vanity, swap out the hardware for pulls in a favorite metallic finish, then accessorize the counter with a pretty tray or vase.

3. Black Accents

While hardware and faucet finishes are one way to try this trend, you can also opt for deep-hued vanities, black accent walls, and even plumbing fixtures.

Used sparingly, black accents can bring a touch of contrast to a traditional white bathroom. When applied liberally, black accents help create a moody, glamorous vibe.

4. Natural tones, textures

Subtle and natural shades are on the rise for their calming effect. Whether you prefer a minimalist Scandinavian look, a rustic farmhouse vibe, or a traditional vibe, natural tones and textures work well with a variety of design styles. To help modernize the space, incorporate a small dose of black to anchor the look.

5. Double sinks

Although double sinks can reduce the amount of usable counter space, many manufacturers are tackling this problem with creative storage solutions. Vanities equipped with power outlets, full-extension drawers, and custom holders for grooming tools can help minimize clutter and make the most of limited space. Side-by-side vanities are another stylish choice with plenty of customization options.

6. Large showers

When space permits, homeowners ditch the shower-bath combo and opt for an equally luxurious walk-in shower and tub. A larger shower area provides ample opportunity to introduce personalization and spa extras. Add an element of luxury with built-in storage niches or a teak bench topped with cocooning products.

7. Round mirrors

Thanks to tiling, parquet and woodwork, bathrooms tend to be dominated by harsh lines. To break up any sharp angles, homeowners and designers are increasingly choosing round rather than rectangular mirrors: the circular shape helps bring softness and visual contrast to the functional space.

Choose a round mirror that fits your space. If you are unsure of the size, consider selecting an oversized option so the mirror can accommodate people of different sizes.

8. Spa-Inspired Luxury

Many manufacturers are introducing ways to bring luxury experiences home (at a variety of price points). Customize your shower with a smart plug controller that uses voice commands or an app to start the water and adjust it to your desired temperature. Or install a shower head that features massage rollers or produces a rain effect overhead for a feeling of well-being.


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