5 poultry industry executives acquitted of price fixing



DATCP will host the Global Dairy Symposium at the World Dairy Expo

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Commerce and Consumer Protection (DATCP) will host a Global Dairy Symposium at the World Dairy Expo on October 6, 2022.

During the symposium, presenters will share information on production trends, impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic fluctuations, supply chain challenges, climate change, sustainability, shortages of labor and trade disputes.

Presenters include: Krysta Harden, CEO of the US Dairy Export Council; Torsten Hemme, President of the International Agricultural Comparison Network, Germany; Ad Van Velde, President of Global Dairy Farmers, Netherlands and Sheryl Meshke, Co-President and CEO of Associated Milk Producers Inc. The event is free to attendees.

Space is limited and registration is required by September 30, 2022. Participants can register for the event by visiting the DATCP Global Dairy Symposium webpage at https:// bit.ly/3ytnbJq.


Smithfield Foods settles $42 million pork price-fixing lawsuit

Smithfield Foods will pay restaurants and caterers $42 million to settle a lawsuit that accuses the giant meat producer of conspiring to inflate pork prices, the Associated Press reported.

Smithfield has not admitted any wrongdoing, but the deal will likely only add to concerns about how the lack of competition in the industry is affecting meat prices. The meat industry argues that supply and demand, not anti-competitive behavior, drive prices, but the industry’s practices have been questioned by the White House, Congress and trade groups.

The restaurant companies that sued said major meat processors shared confidential information to help them coordinate efforts to limit the supply of pork and inflate prices.

The lawsuit is still ongoing against other major pork producers, including Hormel, Tyson Foods, Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods, and the Agri Stats database company they allegedly used to share confidential price information. capacity and demand.


WI Beef Council Receives Export Development Grant

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Commerce and Consumer Protection (DATCP) announced that 13 projects have been selected to receive more than $564,000 in export expansion grants.

The Wisconsin Beef Council received $45,730 to translate educational videos for international use, establish inbound buyer missions, conduct market seminars, and host a Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors educational seminar.

These grants are intended to accelerate the growth of Wisconsin’s dairy, meat and plant products and are funded by the Wisconsin Initiative for Agricultural Exports (WIAE).


5 Poultry Industry Executives Found Not Guilty of Price Fixing

Five poultry processing industry executives have been found not guilty of conspiracy to fix prices.

A jury in Denver federal court acquitted former Pilgrim’s Pride CEOs Jayson Penn and William Lovette; Roger Austin, former vice president of Pilgrim’s; Mikell Fries, President of Claxton Poultry and Scott Brady, Vice President of Claxton.

In October 2020, Pilgrim’s Pride entered into a plea agreement with the US government regarding accusations of price fixing in the chicken industry.

Under the agreement, Pilgrim’s Pride would pay a fine of $110.5 million as a penalty for restricting competition in three separate contracts with a US customer. In exchange, the U.S. Department of Justice would not bring any further charges against Pilgrim’s Pride or recommend a monitor or probationary period.

Pilgrim’s Pride, based in Greeley, Colorado, is a division of JBS USA, the US subsidiary of Brazilian meat production giant JBS SA.

KHARKIV, Ukraine

Ukraine urgently needs dairy cows to replace 50,000 killed

Ukraine fears losing 150,000 cows, or a third of its national herd, if the war with Russia does not end by the end of this year. Due to ongoing hostilities in the country, around 50,000 cows have already been lost in the industrial sector, either to shelling, gunfire or disease, Dairy Global reported.

The numbers are expected to be higher as private dairy farms have also suffered, but it is difficult to get statistics from them at present.

In order for Ukraine to produce enough milk, cheese and butter for its population in the near future, calls have been made for partner countries to supply dairy heifers to Ukraine in a bid to replenish the herd national.


EPA to Act on Regulatory Oversight of Pesticide-Treated Seeds

The EPA will decide by Sept. 30 whether to specify the degree of regulatory oversight needed for pesticide-treated seed after the agency chose for five years not to respond to regulatory requests for oversight of treated seed from environmental groups.

The decision could affect seeds for almost every acre of corn and soybeans planted, as well as other crops, Progressive Farmer reported.

The two groups had sued the EPA because the agency failed to respond to a petition filed in 2017 by the groups demanding that the EPA regulate treated seed as a pesticide rather than allow treated seed to avoid pests. regulations under the EPA’s “Treated Article Exemption” in the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

Treated seed is now used on approximately 180 million acres. DTN reported that the seed treatment industry operates with minimal federal oversight, due to a loophole in EPA governing law, leaving questions about how much pesticide is applied through this route and how Unused treated seeds are discarded each year.


Submit abstracts now for the Dairy Industry Impact Grants

Dairy farmers, processors and manufacturers in five Midwestern states can submit project summaries through August 31 for a new round of Dairy Industry Impact grants to be administered by the Dairy Business Innovation Alliance, a partnership between the Center for Dairy Research and Wisconsin. Association of Cheesemakers. Full details are available online now at cdr.wisc.edu/dbia.

The Dairy Industry Impact grant program aims to help dairy companies research ideas and solutions that can move the dairy industry forward. Repayable grants of up to $250,000 each will be awarded through a competitive review process. Grant recipients will be required to share the results of their project. Abstracts are due August 31 at 5:00 p.m. (CT). Applicants must be located in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin. A select group of applicants will be invited in September to submit full grant proposals by November 3.

The DBIA has administered more than $3.7 million in 79 grants to dairy farms and businesses in the five participating Midwestern states. The program also offers technical assistance to dairy producers and processors in the region.


Registration open for World Dairy Expo

Entries for the Dairy Cattle Show at the 55th World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin are now being accepted, exclusively online at worlddairyexpo.com. The first registration deadline is September 5 at 11:59 p.m. (CDT). Late entries may be submitted online until September 15 for an additional fee or until 5:00 p.m. (CDT) the day before the respective breed meeting for an additional fee.

The 2022 Dairy Cattle Show adds a Junior Summer Two-Year-Old Class to the International Brown Swiss Show and the International Junior Brown Swiss Show, as well as a top three female class to the International Ayrshire Show. Following a recommendation from the Expo Finance Committee and approval from the Exhibitor Committee and the WDE Dairy Cattle Board of Directors, entry fees for all animals until September 5 at 11:59 p.m. (HAC) are $55.

The Dairy Cattle Show will take place Monday, October 3-7 as part of the new six-day World Dairy Expo program of events.


DBA announces theme and new look for Dairy Strong conference in 2023

The Dairy Business Association (DBA) recently unveiled its theme and new branding for the 2023 Dairy Strong Conference. The event, scheduled for January 18-19 at Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin, will bring together farmers, processors, partners and a host of other people to learn, network, celebrate and explore challenges and opportunities

in the state’s flagship industry.

The theme for the eighth annual conference will be “Local Presence, Global Reach”.

“The theme reflects the importance of farmers having a positive impact on their communities and the importance of the industry on the international stage, far beyond the farm, as an innovation leader and supplier of world-class dairy foods”, Amy, President of the DBA. says Pentermann.


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