13 best kitchen compost bins (2021)



The Worm Factory stands out because it is designed for vermicomposting, which is perfect for anyone who lives in a small home or more urban environment.

It’s also great fun for the kids!

Gardeners may be the only people you’ll find passionate about worms. Worms in the garden are a very good thing and a sign that you have fertile soil. The worms digest plant material to create soft, rich soil, so of course gardeners will be very happy to see them! Vermiculture or worm breeding takes this appreciation to the next level.

Vermiculture allows you to grow your own worms using kitchen scraps, while producing compost tea to add to your garden or house plants. Compost tea is a rich, dark liquid that is very high in nutrients and is a better food for plants than Miraclegrow!

The Worm Factory by The Squirm Firm is a complete vermiculture starter kit that can be used indoors or outdoors. With three or four trays included, plus all the information and accessories you need to get started right away, this kit makes it easy to grow worms. The Worm Plant is expandable up to seven trays, depending on the volume of kitchen waste you create. There is little maintenance involved, and it comes down to about 15 minutes per week.

Start by placing your worms and food scraps in the lower bin, and when that is full, start filling the next bin. The worms migrate upward, leaving the lower bin full of compost. All you have to do is dump the compost tea as it flows (easy to do with the included faucet) and rotate the trays as they are used . There is no odor involved, and this kit will not attract flies or other insects if used indoors.

Worm farms are also a great educational tool for children. Keep in mind that the worms are not included in this kit, you will need to purchase them separately (Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is a good brand!)



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