Vecchione announces his candidacy for re-election to the Municipality of enclosure 2


Joe Vecchione posted the following campaign ad

My name is Joe Vecchione.

I am a candidate for re-election for the assembly of the town of Saugus in district 2 in November.

I am a long time resident of the Cliftondale neighborhood in Saugus. I grew up on Essex Street and bought a house in Baker Hill in 2015 with my wife, Katie. We have an 18 month old daughter, Amelia, and a Boston Terrier named Porter.

I graduated from Saugus High School in the Class of 2009 and moved to the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston where I obtained a Masters of Architecture in 2014.

I am working in Boston in a design collaboration as a registered architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts specializing in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Although I have a passion for my job, I have always had a vested interest in my hometown, my neighborhood and the issues of our city. I have a range of multidisciplinary skills that have helped me over the past two years and will continue to use, including extensive knowledge of zoning, municipal processes and legislation, the art of collaboration, planning and engineering and project management. I make sure that the issues I raise are matched with viable solutions and always do due diligence to ensure that my colleagues, my constituents and I are fully informed.

When I ran in 2019 at the age of 28, I had a list of goals I wanted to accomplish and luckily was able to accomplish most of them through collaboration and discussion with the members of the municipal assembly, the board of directors, the planning department and responsible for economic and city development.

– I have been a strong supporter of strategic investment within our community, but ensuring that it is done within our means and fair to taxpayers.

– I have maintained an open dialogue with voters answering 100% of emails, messages, letters or other correspondence and acting on those conversations accordingly. I also set up various forums and meetings during my tenure (virtual and in person) to gain as much perspective as possible.

– I have co-authored and enacted zoning changes on Route 1 in our BHSD mixed-use overlay district that requires a more sustainable balance between commercial and residential use in new developments with minimum usage percentages required by area, requires realistic parking, the scale and density best suited to the context of Highway 1, reinforces the language to protect pre-existing residential neighborhoods from access to new developments, and recommends alternative routes. acceleration and deceleration to facilitate the merger on the highway with the ambition to create a more sustainable, dynamic and better functioning environment of the mixed-use district of Route 1.

– I advocated, submitted articles and ultimately voted to accept several Baker Hill roads that were in urgent need of assistance and voted to fund the completion of the infrastructure project using $ 300,000 in free cash which brought newly cobbled streets to the neighborhood after decades of neglect.

– I launched and now chair the Cliftondale Revitalization Committee which is an ongoing, solutions-based effort dedicated to the short and long term improvement of this business and housing district. To date, we have organized a public survey and forum to gather feedback from stakeholders and residents, synthesized various previous studies and assessments, shared short-term solutions and recommendations for Cliftondale with the City Manager, advocated for an application to streets and shared spaces. grant provided by the state (to which the city has since awarded $ 98,000 for dedicated improvements to Cliftondale), communicated with the state delegation as to where the flashing beacons should be placed, submitted our hyper research local to date at MAPC which is actively working on our Saugus United 2035 Master Plan (due next year), and have begun part of a zoning overlay that will encompass use, parking, public space, pedestrian safety, evacuation, design standards and scale.

– I attended dozens of Planning Council meetings in Saugus and Revere over a 14 month period, defending and speaking on behalf of the neighborhoods and landowners adjacent to Caddy Farms against new commercial and industrial developments accessing through dead end residential roads. I have advocated and have been a steadfast supporter of sustainable development to move forward as is right, but with a non-negotiable position that single access must be obtained by route 1 (the devices of emergency and access to public services being the limited exceptions). I have also advocated for a roundtable discussion with the developer and city officials to address the complex issues of these large plots of land simultaneously rather than in a fragmented manner, which has led to traffic jams, mistrust and animosity for more than two decades.

In addition to my roles at the municipal assembly, I was recently appointed to the planning council, the economic development committee and the sidewalks committee. Through these roles, I am determined to continue to bring a younger, forward-thinking and new perspective to contribute to the long-term prosperity, progress and positive change of Saugus.

I also have a lot of other issues that I want to address during a second term in Town Meeting, including costing and writing an article to resurface sports grounds by Anna Parker, author. further amendments to obsolete zoning bylaws to better serve the city in 2021, formalize the dog park committee that has been discussed for a long time, delve into our municipal charter and how the function of our government could be improved, and continue to work to improve collaboration with my colleagues in order to be more effective as a government.

I hope I have earned your vote this fall and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Saugus. As always, you can contact me at [email protected] with any questions, comments and concerns regarding Ward 2 or the city in general.

I’m number 3 on the ballot for station 2.

Joe Vecchione, candidate for re-election to the municipal assembly of district 2


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