This Hyderabad bungalow maximizes space by adding volume


It is the gem hidden in the verdant expanse of a plantation, with tall trees and songbirds for company. This five-level bungalow in the Jubilee Hills of Hyderabad has nature beyond and within; its concrete facade breaking with its environment. The design lets the elements in, making the walls seem incidental and almost unnecessary.

As the land was small, the architects of Moriq built a vertical volume in this house in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Farm: Vertical Volume

“Customers wanted a home forever; one that would be big and vibrant enough to contain all the members even after their young children are older, settled and married, ”says Simeen Quraishi, co-founder and lead designer of Hyderabad-based Moriq. But scaling the house was a challenge. Says Riyaz Quraishi, Senior Designer and Co-Founder: “Although the plot is green and lush, it was very small. We therefore resorted to the construction of a vertical volume. The house would have five levels, one underground and four from the ground. above. ”The landscaping for the project was carried out by Naveen Associates.

The house is surrounded by nature and lets in the outside

Hyderabad farm: living room and lounge

Wood and white, cold and warm, dark and light, the interior is supported by a constant visual duality. The living room and living room are defined by warm palettes, natural wood floors, polished veneer ceilings, warm lighting and metallic tones. Private areas are on the other end of the spectrum, with white floors, white ceilings and walls, and cool lighting. “It was a design experiment that went well,” Simeen admits, “to see if the contrastingly treated spaces can sit side by side and still look interesting.”


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