How to decorate a fireplace like a pro


Decorating a fireplace mantel is no small feat – it will almost always be the centerpiece of your living space, so making sure it creates visual interest without looking too cluttered or busy is essential. .

“Coats are natural focal points in rooms,” explains Megan Dufresne, senior designer at MC Design. “Working with your overall design and thinking about balance and symmetry will help make your fireplace decor stand out in the best way. “

Are you wondering exactly how to decorate your fireplace? Below, we’ve spoken to a handful of experts to understand exactly what looks good on a fireplace mantel, and how you can turn your existing fireplace ideas and mantel into an eye-catching statement in your home. From working with mirrors to selecting the right kind of artwork, here’s exactly how to decorate a fireplace.

1. Balance

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The number one rule in designing a fireplace is to find balance in the items you choose. “There is usually a larger room, to anchor the overall design, like a large frame or mirror, then smaller pieces to fill the space around, like vases, candlesticks and other small items,” explains Dufresne.

2. Heavy goods vehicles

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Symmetry is great, but it can get a bit boring. Instead, Dufresne suggests that you aim to balance the visual weight on both sides of your anchor piece. For example, rather than putting a vase on either side, go for a vase on one side and balance it with a cluster of candlesticks or other objects that fill the space in the same way as the vase in the other side.

3. Keep it fresh

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Your fireplace mantel should match the vibe of your overall decorating style, but adding outdoor elements will be a great way to keep things cool throughout the seasons. “Bringing color and texture with fresh flowers, stems or greenery is always a good choice,” explains Dufresne. So, give a nod to cozy fall decorating ideas or sweet spring additions for added character all year round.

4. Go for odd numbers

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Symmetry will always create a more interesting and vibrant look for your fireplace mantel, but balancing objects of different sizes and shapes can create a pleasing arrangement that will catch the eye. “Try a collection of vases in different sizes,” suggests Mark Cutler, co-founder of cutlerschulze Interior Design Firm. “I usually prefer odd-numbered collections, so a group of 3 or 5 is a great place to start. “

5. Consider collecting candlesticks

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Mismatched candlesticks are also a great option for this type of presentation, according to Cutler. “The candlesticks are generally quite large, which helps create more drama,” he explains.

6. Stack your artwork

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Artworks are an obvious choice for wall decor, but it also depends on how you present them. “We like to stack the art on the mantel rather than hanging it on top, somehow it looks a bit more modern that way,” says Cutler. If you have a few images of different sizes, we suggest you stack them on top of each other, creating a layered presentation, it will give a little more relaxed vibe.

7. Take into account the natural elements

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Interior designer Lisa Cloughen Melone of Melone Cloughen Interiors suggests using natural elements to create visual interest. “Add an assortment of objects from a variety of natural elements such as seashells, rocks, crystals and even branches mixed with decorative objects such as boxes, small sculptures or metal objects” , she suggests. “All this improves the dynamics and ambiance of the fireplace. “

8. Add height with flowers


(Image credit: @simplysoutherncottage)

A fireplace mantel is usually a thin area, so balance and scale are very important interior design theories to consider, Melone explains. A flower arrangement is a great way to add height, especially if your mantle is in a small living room.

“The flowers are beautiful any season of the year, but I always particularly like the dried flowers and leaves or the red / orange flowers during the fall months,” she says. “They look so stunning and add a lively element to your fireplace mantel. “

9. Hanging mirrors

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It’s no secret that using a mirror in front of a door can visually expand the space, but the same goes anywhere you place your mirror. “You can create a visual effect and a real focal point by setting small mirrors around the fireplace, using a larger piece with an interesting frame or shape and placing it in the middle of the mantel,” says Issabel Williams, coordinator. at Fantastic Handyman. .

10. Introduce the masonry

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You can add a rustic feel to your home by showcasing the original brick fireplace. “If you are worried that the brick box or the front face might have chips or dents, don’t worry because a hard surface repair specialist can quickly fix that damage and you will be surprised with the results,” says Williams. “The same goes for the hearth of the fireplace. ”

Consider over-grouting your fireplace if you want an aged but more refined finish as well.

11. Display your collections

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Do you collect teapots, pots or models of vehicles? Whatever your passion, you can display it on your fireplace to showcase it and add more personality to the room. “To create that balanced look, even if you collect small items, try organizing them in a way that allows them to play the main role on the fireplace,” suggests Williams.


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