June 5, 2019

Does all-inclusive help save money on travel?


They say travel is the only thing you buy and it gets you richer. On the one hand you gain in culture and entertainment! But on the other hand, the pocket returns embezzled. Travel involves spending and, put it on! Air tickets, transfers, daily at the hotel, complementary tours, souvenirs, food.

In this context of many expenses, a new trend has emerged and gained a lot of strength: the All-Inclusive packages. If before hotels and hostels worked on the half board and full board scheme, today many of them work with this new modality. This type of package has been sold as the most advantageous of all. But will I really be able to help you save money? Check out our article and find out!

After all, how does the All-Inclusive scheme work?

After all, how does the All-Inclusive scheme work?

The All-Inclusive scheme is a complete food package, meaning it does not cover the wi-fi you use or the rides you intend to do outside the hotel. In this type of accommodation, the higher price is paid than traditional half-board and full-board schemes, but it can be consumed 24 hours a day.

Usually the guest receives a bracelet that gives free pass to eat at breakfast, drink cocktails at the bar, eat sandwiches at kiosks, taste snacks at the edge of the pool, try barbecue, sushi and other delicacies, indulge with ice cream, desserts, feijoadas, drinks, self-service dining and so on. Speaking like this, it is a flawless lodging, but know that the All-Inclusive is not suitable for all tastes and pockets. There are, yes, some restrictions.

Does the cost benefit pay?

Does the cost benefit pay?

Before making any trip, you should evaluate the cost benefit. How much will you pay for hosting? How much would you pay for yourself outside the hotel? What is the reputation of the place? What do other people say about the quality and variety of the food? How many competitors are charging the same number of nights in the same period? What does the hotel offer as a differential? You need to take all of this into account when hammering and deciding on the All-Inclusive system. Only use this hosting model if the cost benefit ratio compensates.

All-Inclusive can be a boring

All-Inclusive can be a boring

The All-Inclusive scheme is not ideal for all people. In many situations, this system can be a great loss because the motto of hotels is plenty. This means, for example, that a person who usually eats 3 to 4 times a day does not enjoy all that the resort has to offer despite having paid for it. It’s like someone who goes to pizzas carvery, pays $ 40 and eats two slices.

Another case in which it does not pay for staying at all-inclusive resorts, is when you plan to leave the hotel, visit other beaches and spend the day outside. Inevitably, you will have extra expenses with this escaped, while the buffet, already paid, will be waiting for you.

Lastly, you should understand that when paying for an all-inclusive package, you are not buying luxury. In this system there are queues to serve and, although you can eat as much as you want, whenever you want, does not mean that the menu will please you. The beer available, for example, may not be the brand you like.

When is the All-Inclusive a wonder?

This package is perfect for anyone who likes to keep financial life completely under control. When choosing this system, the guest avoids unpleasant surprises at the time of checkout. In addition, for those who want to spend some quiet and fun days without leaving the resort, eating at ease, this option is ideal.

Just be careful when choosing the destination. Compare prices, research reputation and choose the hotel that best suits you and your companions. Also, do not forget to include in your planning, the expenses with the air tickets or fuel.



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