July 7, 2019

Cash loan at customer’s home

At present, the number of banks and non-bank companies that can grant loans is large. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to find an offer tailored to their needs.Among the most popular financial products, mention cash loans that are divided into several different groups, among them is a cash loan granted at the client’s home.

Cash loan at the customer’s home – what is it?

Cash loan at the customer

Most of us use bank accounts, which are a convenient solution. Especially since we can manage them freely via the Internet, as well as the funds accumulated on them. Therefore, if we take out a loan, in most cases the money received is transferred to our account. This seems obvious to most people, but it’s worth remembering that not every customer wants this to happen.

A cash loan at your home can be a good solution for people who, for example, do not have a bank account. In this situation, it is necessary to take advantage of the offer of non-bank companies that offer their clients a solution other than transferring funds to the account. A frequent reason for wanting to take out this type of loan is also the seizure of a client’s bank account by a bailiff. Then, all types of funds affecting the account are automatically blocked and we cannot use them. In the case of a loan at the client’s home, we receive the money in cash, which is a good solution in this situation.

Is a home loan for everyone?

Is a home loan for everyone?

To many people, it may seem that a bank loan is the best possible solution because we can count on good repayment terms. Unfortunately, in the case of such institutions, not everyone has the chance to get a loan. Lack of a stable source of income, job loss, having other debts, or previous problems with timely repayment of our obligations – all this practically disqualifies us in the eyes of bankers as potential borrowers. In this situation, however, we can still apply for a cash loan at the client’s home.

Non-bank companies that offer such loans limit their requirements to customers to a minimum. Therefore, we do not have to worry about the amount of our income or the history of previous and current debts, because this is not taken into account when the decision is made to grant us a loan. Non-bank companies also grant loans to indebted and unemployed persons.

How do you get a home loan?

How do you get a home loan?

When we find a company offering this type of loan and decide to use its services, we must contact it. In most cases, we can do this through her website, where you must complete the appropriate application for such financial support. What will be included in such a form depends only on the company that created it. Sometimes it contains a larger number of points to be filled in, where we must provide our data, PESEL number, and information on our current financial or professional situation. But some companies ask their clients only for the name and telephone number, which the consultant will call us.

During such a telephone conversation, we can determine all the details of the loan and ask about the conditions for granting it, or all related fees. Then, the date of repayment of the loan or its individual installments is also determined, depending on which financial product we have chosen. Then, we agree to sign the loan agreement in the designated place. An employee of a non-bank company can come to our home or, if we don’t want it to happen, we can arrange to meet him in another, more neutral place.

During such a meeting, we sign a contract and receive money in cash. An employee of a loan company will also appear for the return or installment of the loan, who will personally collect the money from us within the set time.

How to choose offers for such loans?

How to choose offers for such loans?

Many non-bank companies offer their clients cash loans at the client’s home. Therefore, we should carefully review each offer, analyze its conditions and recalculate the costs associated with it. Checking the proposals of each company, let’s check the maximum loan amount we can apply for and the repayment period. Let’s also get acquainted with the tables of all possible fees and the APRC, i.e. the total cost of the loan in percentage terms. We should also remember that most companies apply additional payments for the loan service to the client’s home. In addition, let’s find out what consequences we can bear for late repayment of such debt.

The internet can once again help us make the decision. A comparison tool will be useful to find the right financial product, using which we can check many offers in one place. Thanks to it, we will quickly and efficiently compare the proposals of various companies and see which of them will be the most beneficial for us. Remember, however, that such a comparison does not release us from the obligation to carefully read the contracts we conclude with loan companies.


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