Big River Group wooden product brings warm and authentic interior elements to Nagambie Brewery


Regenerate the rural of Nagambie Township and attracting new visitors has been the brief behind rebuilding the lakeside hospitality offering Nagambie Brewery and Distillery. Located on the foreshore of Lake Nagambie, just over 90 minutes from Melbourne, the project specifications were to transform an old shopping street, including a former heritage police building, into a new hotel district. Designed by award-winning architectural firm Six Degrees, the result of the transformation is a stunning destination location that allows locals and visitors to experience the area’s top attraction, Lake Nagambie, which can be seen from the large terrace of the place.

The significant development belongs to businessman Gerry Ryan, who wanted to bring Nagambie a contemporary reception design that matches the style and history around it. Six Degrees has created a space that embraces charm and warmth while taking full advantage of the spectacular surrounding views.

The entire project, which received a commendation at the 2020 Victorian Architecture Awards, includes a brewery, the Distiller’s Den, a dining room, a cafe and a whiskey bar with viewing windows in the brewery. The walls of the main restaurant and whiskey bar are covered with Big River Group’s top plywood product, Armourpanel in Speckled Gum, which helped create warm and authentic interior elements to match the more contemporary finishes of the project. .

Having worked on several projects with the primary lumber supplier, Six Degrees knew this was the right product to deliver the desired aesthetic, while providing the durability required for the commercial space. “The client wanted the interior space to be textured with different finishes and he was looking for a certain result through warm, tonal materials, which we knew Armourpanel could offer,” says Dan Demant of Six Degrees Architects.

“The versatility, stability and toughness of the plywood product matched the backrest perfectly, as it is able to withstand wear areas while providing visual aesthetics,” says Dan. Armourpanel plywood has a unique construction method that sees each of its five layers of Australian hardwood sheets glued together in a cross-ply manufacturing process to form a strong, strong and stable decorative panel.

Layered with texture, the venue’s interior space incorporates concrete, steel, and brass, as well as wood, with floor-to-ceiling windows offering incredible views of the brewery and the surrounding lake. The architecture on the outside is a respectful nod to its heritage, with huge wooden barn doors and classic white plaster, the new buildings subtly blend into their rural surroundings. Multiple outdoor terraces allow you to make the most of the lakeside setting and further complement the rustic charm of the interior.

The brewery describes its offerings as unpretentious and affordable. Just like its surroundings, everything is open and there is nothing to hide. The interior is laid out so that onlookers can see the master brewers at work through portholes in the beautiful wood-clad whiskey bar. This intimate space is unmistakably warm and inviting, with the alluring allure of natural wood connecting all the senses. The walls of the room are completely covered with Big River’s Armourpanel spotted gum. The stunning, tonal material offers depth and character while providing a charming experience for guests to sit back and enjoy the offerings of the place. “The depth of color and unique wood characteristics of each panel resulted in an excellent finish,” says Dan.

Big River Decorative Plywood offers simplicity, warmth and texture to create intimate and inviting environments, and is highly sought after by leading award-winning architects when designing residential or commercial interiors. Armourpanel face veneer panels are available in a range of native species including blackbutt, flood gum, speckle gum and Sydney blue gum, all retaining the natural characteristics of selected wood species including their unique grain structures. Dan continues, “We have specified the Big River Armor panel on many projects. It is such a beautiful product to work with and we have always been satisfied with their service and wood products, as well as the quality and care of customer support in their sales and technical teams.

Since its completion, the brewery has exceeded all sightseeing expectations, successfully encouraging locals and visitors to explore all that Nagambie has to offer with its lakes, rivers and wine experiences while strengthening the tourism industry. in the region and by developing local jobs.


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